Green Games Year 3: The Fat Falafel

LifeCity is excited to promote a food truck for the first time as a part of the Green Games. Hear from Theresa Galli about their exciting green upgrades as a part of New Orleans Annual Sustainable Business Competition.

The Fat Falafel
The Fat Falafel is committed to socially responsible, sustainable practices. We are constantly working to reduce our footprint and support local and sustainable businesses and organizations.We compost 100% of our food scraps through The Composting Network and we recycle. Our fryer oil is recycled through backyard biodiesel. Currently, some of our produce comes from local farms, and we are working on incorporating more local ingredients into our menu. Also, all of our packaging used is environmentally friendly–biodegradable, recyclable, and/or compostable. As we grow we’re working on being more and more green!