Green Games Year 3: The New Orleans Charter Science & Mathematics High School

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The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School provides a rigorous education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to traditionally under-served high school students in Orleans Parish. It is among the very few open-admissions science and math high schools in the country. As the Green Games heads into its third year, learn what  New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School has done to be a more impactful educator in the City of New Orleans…

The goal of Sci High is to prepare students for college and career success by imparting the skills of disciplined thinking, the spirit of inquiry, the persistence of intellectual curiosity, and the habits of organization, hard work and personal responsibility. No test scores or prior GPA are required. They actively recruit students whom selective schools might turn away, and we commit to improving their achievement. They believe that Sci High students can be the key to the growth of the New Orleans economy through the next generations. They can compete globally, but they are likely to conduct their professional lives locally—going to our universities and building their careers as part of the educated work force that will drive our city’s future.

As a charter member of the of LifeCity’s Green School Group Sci High has already taken extraordinary steps to improve their social and environmental impact while increasing their bottom line. As a part of preparing the future leaders of New Orleans they are working with LifeCity to incorporate sustainability into both their curriculum as well as their operations. Sci High’s road to sustainability began with a waste problem and a grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful. Lead by Anthony Crim Sci High was awarded the grant and used the funds to purchase a dishwasher. This simple purchase allowed the school to get rid of disposable trays, reduce waste and start recycling all of which have add top dollars to the schools bottom line.

A presenter at January’s Green School Group launch event, Anthony’s take home message was that budget epiphanies happen if you’re on the forefront of a trend. By taking an innovative and holistic approach to improve his bottom line, Anthony saved money for his school, reduced waste, started recycling, implemented a change to reusable lunch trays and partnered with LifeCity to accelerate cost-saving, environmentally friendly changes at his school. As the Green School Group continues to add members and resources we will be looking to Sci High to be a leader on the forefront of creating a more sustainable New Orleans.