Green Games Year 3: Sarah the Pet Sitter

STP TeamSarah the Pet Sitter provides thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet. She believes that pets are more than just pets, they are an important member of the family, a grounding and loving presence in your life, and your trusted companions. Sarah and her staff of pet sitters are not just animal lovers, they love the planet as well, and they have taken extraordinary steps to to ensure that when you are away, you will know that your pet and your city are being taken care of. As the Green Games heads into its third year, learn what Sarah the Pet Sitter has done to be a better business in the city of New Orleans…

Sarah the Pet Sitter sets itself apart from other pet sitting services by working with the pet parent to develop a unique care plan for every pet. The sitters will feed your pet and refresh his/her water, clean your cat’s litter box and discard the refuse outside of your house to ensure you do not return to a smelly home. They know the value of quiet time, cuddling, and belly rubs. Petting and light grooming are included in their services, specifically brushing, removing leaves and other plant material from fur. While you are away they will update you daily via text to keep you informed about your pet’s well being while in their care.

As the premier eco-friendly pet sitter in New Orleans, they pride themselves on being “Socially Responsible and Green.” They choose to be a positive force in the community through social interaction and green practices like biking and recycling. As part of her mission to create a more sustainable New Orleans Sarah the Pet Sitter has encouraged her staff to bike to their appointments rather than drive. Not only does this promote happier and healthier employees, it reduces the amount of greenhouse gases and harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere.  In 2013 LifeCity and Sarah the Pet Sitter collaborated to create a customized greenhouse gas calculator to track the impact of the company’s eco-conscious practices. By recording the miles that each pet sitter chooses to bike rather than drive, her company has become aware of the positive impact on the company, the community, and the planet. Daily, Sarah and her staff receive updates on how they performed in terms of greenhouse gases avoided, energy saved, trees planted, and calories burned. Currently, she is working with LifeCity member, RapJab, to develop a widget to display her accomplishments live on her website.