Green Games Year 3: Cafe Carmo

Cafe Carmo is a tropical café built upon the rich, multi-cultural culinary influences found throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, Gulf South, and beyond. West Africa meets Europe meets Latin America meets Southeast Asia in dishes that feature top-quality, local ingredients, as well as exotic products from around the globe. Juice of cacau (the chocolate plant), red palm oil, dried pounded manioc root, specialty peppers and unique meats and cheeses are just a few items which help define this comfortably traditional-yet-innovative cuisine. As the Green Games heads into its third year, learn what Cafe Carmo has done to be a more impactful restaurant in the City of New Orleans…

From the very beginning, owner Dana Honn made the decision to make Carmo as sustainable as possible. In the design phase it was decided that Cafe Carmo would be constructed with Earth-friendly design in mind and most of the materials utilized in the construction of their counters and fixtures were salvaged/recovered, including their tables and chairs. From purchasing local organic produce and seafood to utilizing all bio-degradable take out ware and cleaning supplies has stood as a leader in the among green businesses and restaurants.

For their operations, Cafe Carmo made the conscious decision to utilize only bio-degradable\compostable carry out containers, bags, flatware and cups, but their cleaning supplies are also bio-degradable. While some the more sustainable items that they purchase items are substantially more expensive than their traditional non-environmentally-friendly counterparts, they are not passing this cost on to their customers. It is the commitment that they have made to conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner.

In addition, they have are strong supporter of the green community in New Orleans and have hosted and/or catered several LifeCity functions and events. All of their good work has not gone without recognition. For all of their hard work they have been achieved the LifeCity Certification at the Transformation Stage, 3 stars from the Green Restaurant Association, and have been awarded a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor.