Green Games Corner: WWOZ’s Fall Drive Preserves our Music and City

nattyawardscircleGreen Games Corner

Each month, we’ll highlight a LifeCity member who’s making great progress in their goals as a part of the Green Games competition. This month, we focus on WWOZ as they make some big changes in their office for their annual Fall Membership Drive. (PS…if you aren’t an OZ member yet, click here to pledge your support!!)

WWOZ’s Fall Membership Drive

22803442141_42e90f6c03_z300 volunteers come to WWOZ pitch on air to rally support for WWOZ, answer phones, welcome guests to the station, musician-volunteers play live in support of ‘OZ, and even more volunteers pick up and deliver food from the restaurants that generously donate to keep the station going from 6am-12am every day for 10 days.

10 days of food means three meals a day for about 50 people at each sitting. In the past WWOZ went through thousands of Styrofoam plates and cups, and they along with napkins and all the food waste went straight into the dumpster.

Thanks to help from LifeCity, WWOZ is making a leap into greening its Fall Membership Drive! They worked with Lighthouse Louisiana to have compostable plates, cups, and bowls on hand, and The Composting Network to collect compostables and food waste.

22169513744_054c120751_zVolunteers helped create the signage explaining what goes into each bin. It’s a learning process, but WWOZ has been hearing some great  feedback.

Weenta Girmay, WWOZ Volunteer Photographer and Videographer, had the following to say about OZ’s efforts: “I’m really proud that WWOZ is taking the initiative to be a more sustainable workplace and environment for the staff and volunteers that are here. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference towards normalizing the idea of being sustainable in your every day life. People spend a lot of time at work. To be composting everyday at work gets people used to the idea that they could carry that over into their own lives.” 

22373878378_913b3681de_zSally Young, Volunteer Show Host, Trad Jazz Thursdays from 9-11, praised OZ’s leadership in greening the fall drive: “I love it. I think OZ should take the lead. As they have for all things music in New Orleans. If they do it, others will follow. Especially being in the French quarter where there is a huge trash problem, It’s one way to help minimize that.”

All photo credit to Bill Sasser, WWOZ volunteer.