Green Games 5: 5 Contestant Highlights!

Excerpts from some of 5 of our impactful contestant profiles in this year’s Green Games! See how they’ve gone above and beyond to create a positive impact through their work. Get your tickets for May 12th to see the winner, and in the meantime VOTE for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award!

 1. Water Works

small_Water_Works-Home_r1_c2-2MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Considerable amount of pro-bono work (maybe half of our time). Through that we’ve done a lot of workshops and events, and major initiative such as – completed 90% of the City of New Orleans’ Hazard Mitigation Plan (pro-bono). Lots of pro-bono for Costal Native American tribe such as helping with grant writing and support including working with the Inter-Tribal Agriculture Council. 

Working on the hazard mitigation plan, there were a lot of problems with that process, but I am proud that we facilitated a process that engaged departments and partners that had not previously been communicating on hazard communication. We designed a process that was engaging and elicited a pretty good response. This helped the City be eligible for federal grant funding related to natural hazards. 

2. New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation

nomaf logoMAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We regularly upcycle items in our office, try to recycle any items whenever possible and are all conscious of waste, water, etc. Have created a checklist which notes to ensure recycling, turn off the thermostat and lights off policy, We have provided all employees with a reusable water bottle to avoid plastic bottles and to encourage folks to stay hydrated! 

We are most proud of our community wellness initiative, the NOMC Water Challenge. We designed an NOMC water bottle that we distribute by donation to community members (all funds raised go toward patient care at the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic) and provide information on how much water to drink each day to stay hydrated and healthy– we have an online support group and weekly emails to participants encouraging people to drink enough water in a day and stay hydrated, especially during the hot New Orleans Summers.

3. Good Wood NOLA

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We have become an integral part of our community this past year; we have worked in conjunction with Loyola University to rebrand and help rebuild Burnell’s Market in the lower 9th, a community marketplace that provides the surrounding 3.5 mile area with food, services and goods. Furthermore, we have begun teaching at the Loyola University design department, helping students navigate through social design and positive innovation.

We raised $1, 700 for the John Besh Foundation and continually support their cause. We are helping to plan an urban garden in our local community to provide fresh herbs and produce to all members. We recently began a partnership with Tulane University and Liberty’s Kitchen to help create an interactive map of all local people served and supported by Liberty’s Kitchen.

We have started an internship program with The Sci Academy to have a student come into our shop 1 or 2 times per week to help us organize and stay on top of our projects, while also providing hands-on experience and knowledge for children that may not want to pursue a college degree but to pursue employment after high school.

For the past 2 years, we have donated products to the Camp Tiger Foundation, a summer camp for children in the GNO area with mental illness and disability.

We are also a corporate sponsor of the Junior League, and are in the process of designing and rebuilding their store Bloomin’ Deals on Freret. 

 4. Belle Chasse Academy

belle chasse academy logo 2MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We established a student Green Team tasked with learning about Sustainability as well as implementing Sustainability initiatives in our school. This year the students were 100% responsible for collecting recycling from every classroom and office. The Green Team has also helped plant and harvest fresh produce which is used in our school cafeteria and sold to the public at farmer’s markets. 

– Our School Garden Coordinator has taught a “How to Save the Planet One Paper Towel at A Time” interactive seminar to every classroom in grades 5-8, approximately 450 students. The seminar taught students how to dry their hands with only a single paper towel. Surveys have shown paper towel usage has been reduced among those students by approximately 50%.

– We have eliminated all Styrofoam from our school cafeteria.

– We have engaged the services of a commercial recycling vendor to increase our recycling from paper only to include plastic, aluminum and other metal. All recycling is collected by students.


5. Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen

rebellion logoMAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: To serve our customers with a great experience in product and service while supporting the public interest through our practices, culture, and programming. Our Social Justice Social Club programming where we bring together public interest do gooders from silos that often don’t cross to help them fundraise, network, and educate the public on their work.