Green Drinks Celebrates the launch of New Orleans’ Green Restaurant Group

LifeCity is celebrating July Green Drinks with the launch of the Green Restaurant Group!

Come join friends and colleagues as we learn more about what New Orleans restaurants are doing to become more green with the help of Eco Products, Natco, and LifeCity.

Enjoy complimentary watermelon infused cocktails!

What: July Green Drinks
When: Thursday, July 18th from 5-7pm
Where: New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St. Claude Ave

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Green Restaurant Group Logo BASICNew Orleans is known for its food, but not for its recycling.  In fact, most people would argue that New Orleans is rather behind in “green” or sustainability.  But at LifeCity, we actually think we’re ahead.  We are blessed with one of the most rich and fertile ecosystems that gives us the best-tasting local food around the country.  We have a community with a sense of place and identity that no amount of money could re-create or buy.  We have a pride for our ability to persevere.

On the contrary, New Orleans is ahead of most places when it comes to social sustainability, but what we lack is infrastructure to help us better deal with our waste, better purchasing choices, and the establishment of new green industries missing in our ecosystem.

That’s what LifeCity’s Green Restaurant Group is all about.  Its time we put some green infrastructure behind what we do best – the culinary arts!  Please join us for Green Drinks this month where you can learn about the Greenest Restaurants in New Orleans, how they are going green, and how they are saving money in the process!

Check out LifeCity and the Green Restaurant Group in Article.

Don’t forget that you can support green restaurants in New Orleans and save through the Green Card.