Going Solar? Save $500!

Have you ever thought about going solar?  LifeCity and The Green Card are excited to announce a new partnership with Joule Alliance, a program by Joule Solar Energy of New Orleans.  For every one of our supporters who goes solar with Joule we receive a $500 donation toward the Green Games, and you receive a $500 group rebate. This reduces your cost to go solar below any other companies.  If you would like a free estimate for your home simply follow this link, go solar, help support LifeCity/The Green Card and save money off of your utility bill every month!

Go solar for $4500 – $500 less than without Joule Alliance




Support LifeCity – Joule Alliance donates $500 to the Green Games



You receive a $500 LifeCity group rebate






Save over $1000 per year







  • Joule Alliance supports LifeCity with a $500 donation for each system purchased.

  • Your cost is only $4,500 after credits, rebates, and your $500 group rebate.  Your solar system will pay for itself in just three years with money you would have lost to your utility company.

  • Produce your own clean, renewable energy from the sun.

  • Increase your home’s value.

  • Includes financing with no payments or interest for 18 months.

  • Support your local economy.