Going Above & Beyond: 5 Green Games Contestants’ Impact

We have companies that consistently shoot for the stars – in their mission, operations, and community engagement. Here are excerpts from five stellar applications we received in the Green Games competition. Remember, you can vote for your favorite in our Facebook poll! The winner receives a free year of LifeCity membership!

nola tree project logo1. NOLA Tree Project (formerly Hike for KaTREEna)

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The mission of Nola Tree Project is growing stronger and healthier communities through tree plantings and community service projects. We have planted 33,000 trees citywide since 2007. We are providing more clean air, stormwater management, beauty, and increasing property values, through our tree plantings and programs city wide. We are impacting many communities by planting fresh fruit trees to low income schools and neighborhoods

Clear the Clutter2. Clear the Clutter

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I feel that my greatest environmental impact is that I personally diverted over 40,000 lbs of “waste” from landfills by way of recycling & donating the clutter removed from client homes & offices! The ongoing effects are that if clients are not already recycling in the New Orleans area I contact the city & request that a recycling bin be delivered to their residence. I’m also shrinking my carbon footprint by offering virtual clutter busting sessions!

I want the people I work with to know that the belongings they once owned will not be wasted. It helps them let go of clutter, it helps the charities I donate to & repurposing/recycling is good for the environment. When one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure everyone wins!

NOLA-Brewing3. NOLA Brewing

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We love our planet, so we try to take care of it. We use cans instead of bottles because New Orleans still doesn’t offer glass recycling. Our six-pack holders are safe for marine life. We donate our spent grain to farmers, so instead of going into a landfill it goes into the bellies of local cattle. We love the Gulf of Mexico. We want it to be healthy and happy, but we also want it to respect our personal space. So 100% of the proceeds of our annual Easter Keg Hunt benefits the Gulf Restoration Network’s ongoing effort to protect and restore the Gulf of Mexico and our coastal wetlands.

No Waste NOLA4. No Waste NOLA

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In the past 12 months, we’ve gotten a city ordinance on the calendar, and are presently fighting to kill a bill in the state government that would eliminate local control over waste and litter regulations. We are also fundraising for a 10,000 bag giveaway for the summer/ fall, and beginning our rounds at neighborhood associations to gather petition signatures regarding city-wide composting.

innola logo5. InNOLA Events & Design

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We always reuse any material in our business when possible. For example: Glass vases that are sometimes thrown away. We always save all the flowers that we can at the end of an event and repurpose them. For example: give to nursing homes, family, friends, and local businesses. We use organic and no harmful chemicals in our business. For example: all clothes are washed with Ethos. Office and house cleaned with green products. We turn off computers, lights, etc. Recycle paper, printing materials, etc. I know that by sharing and spreading the word on sustainability that our company is helping the community as a whole. We are a leader in sustainability because we are working hard as a company to do the small changes that will eventually make a big difference!!