Glossary of Definitions

  • Backbone Organization: nonprofit, public or private organization that catalyzes this operation in communities; facilitates the Steering Committee, may be on the Steering Committee as a Backbone Leader as well
  • Backbone Leaders: public or private leaders in the following areas – Water, Food, Finance, Local Government, Housing
  • Steering Committee: comprised of Backbone Leaders, charged with implementing the development model in the community
  • Action Plan: plan created by the Steering Committee that focuses on growing key industries in the community in a sustainable and equitable way through organizational and ecosystem growth
  • Impact Manager: concept for a tool used to implement organizational accomplishment of goals set forth in the Action Plan – could be a tracking system in Excel, a software platform, etc.
  • Key Clusters: industries that dominate a community in terms of economic impact, differ community-by-community, identified by the Steering Committee in Analysis Phase