Edible Gardening with NOLA Kitchen Garden & Compost


If you’ve never picked salad straight from your yard, it’s time to start living! And we mean off of your land! No yard, porch or balcony is too small to grow your own herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

At NOLA Kitchen Gardens & Compost we build tailored edible gardens and food forests, teach you how to be a successful gardener, and help you grow what you eat.  Other services include garden makeovers, regular garden maintenance and composting services.

With our help, your yard, vacant lot, school yard, business, house of worship or neutral ground will produce food within days of receiving our services. Summer time means tomatoes, basil, peppers, eggplant and okra. Not to mention less common heat loving tropical varieties like papaya, calalu and yard long beans.

As winter tappers into Spring there’s no better way to prepare for the brighter New Orleans days than planting your Spring/Summer garden.  New Orleans’ climate offers 365 days a year for growing food. What better time to start growing your own food than now?

And what about all those kitchen scraps you’ve been wanting to compost but haven’t figured out what to do with? Besides you and NOLA Kitchen Gardens & Compost, mulch and your home made compost are your garden’s best friends!

We love helping folks grow food in city spaces. NOLA Kitchen Gardens & Compost will come to your home, apartment, restaurant or school, and discuss how we can help you grow food and soil!  If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you eat what you grow, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at nolakitchengardens@gmail.com, call us at (504) 228-7892, or check out our website at www.nolakitchengarden.com

Ariel Wallick, Owner, NOLA Kitchen Gardens & Compost

Ariel’s passion for food gardening sparked as a young child growing up in the most northern Caribbean city, New Orleans. Since then it has transformed her life in beautiful and unexpected ways.  She shares her passion through helping others grow food, and promoting sustainable living, learning and food cultivation practices throughout town. Ariel cherishes the many gifts offered through gardening, community, and simple living.