EcoUrban Soil now sold at Whole Foods Market


Congratulations to EcoUrban Sustainable Landscaping for their recent partnership with Whole Foods Market. Their soil can also be purchased at Hollygrove Market and the Nola Food Co-Op.

EcoUrban is a pioneer sustainable landscaping and soil company dedicated to building scalable, aesthetic, resilient environments that function to protect New Orleans from our regional environmental challenges.

An integral component of EcoUrban is composting New Orleans Coffee Company’s grounds into the richest, fertile soil currently available in New Orleans. This soil contains of wealth of microbes and nutrients perfect for creating healthy, biodiverse, productive gardens that are safe for homes and community gardens.

They use thermal composting to transform NOCC’s rich coffee grounds, combined with stable sweepings, into fertile soil. Through this process, a whole ecosystem of microbes and beneficial fungi is born. These organisms create a healthy, natural balance in gardens, even reducing pests and disease.

Some organizations that rely upon EcoUrban’s quality soil include:

  • The Edible Schoolyard and other educational gardens, including Kipp Schools, Langston Hughes Academy, Young Audiences, the Rethinkers, etc.
  • Global Green
  • The New Orleans Food & Farm Network
  • Community Gardens throughout New Orleans
  • Home vegetable connoisseurs


Eco Urban won a number of awards since their founding in 2009. Co-founders Travis Cleaver and Demetria Christo were awarded the title of New Orleans Magazine’s “2011 People to Watch,” an honor given to citizens demonstrating high growth potential. EcoUrban also had the honor to participate in the 2011 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. This highly competitive program focuses resources on select small business demonstrating a high, positive impact on their community. EcoUrban also won an award for best overall sustainability at the Green Natties, as part of the Green Games.