E3+ : Economy, Energy, and Environment

Providing Technical Assistance for More Efficient and Sustainable Business Practices for Manufacturers

LifeCity’s core competencies are in identifying, implementing, and marketing shared value opportunities that grow wealth and create social and environmental impact at the same time.

The E3+ Program will apply an expanded E3 model to small-medium sized industries and businesses while collaborating with local community development partners.  LifeCity is bringing together a team of partners for this program, each bringing unique capacity for the delivery of services called “Value Louisiana.” This a regional collaborative initiative that supports businesses by improving financial outcomes while reducing pollution, conserving environmental resources, and delivering social impact.  Coordinated by LifeCity, Value Louisiana implements an innovative E3 (Economy, Energy, and Environmental) pilot project throughout Louisiana.

Goals of the E3+ Program:

  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Increase employee retention
  • Reduce environmental wastes
  • Identify opportunities for reducing carbon emissions
  • Promote sustainable manufacturing practices and growth
  • Reduce business costs


E3 SavingsE3 assists industries in becoming more sustainable through targeted technical assistance (process efficiency), clean (environmental impact reduction), energy/water reduction and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.  E3+ builds upon E3 by connecting this process to local community impact goals and impact investors interested in accelerating improvements.  Targeted industries will include small manufacturers (<500 employees), located within the 12 surrounding parishes of Greater New Orleans.

The definition of pollution prevention used for this project is source reduction and resource conservation that reduces hazardous substance, pollutants, or contaminants through increased efficiency in the use of raw materials, energy and water, and conservation practices. LifeCity has formed the NOLA Innovation Think Tank, which has met monthly since December to frame and organize an innovative E3+ initiative in our region. This pilot E3+ project will be implemented throughout 24 months from October 2014-September 2016.  This project aligns with the EPA’s five-year strategic plan to save $1.2 billion through P2 improvements in business, institutional, and government costs cumulatively, as well its goals in reducing gallons of water used, metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted, and hazardous materials present in our communities.

Technical Assistance Provided:

  • Lean Review that leads to increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • An Energy and/or Water Audit that provides tools and insight for reducing energy demand and water usage and costs.
  • Pollution Prevention Assessment that provides tools and insight for reducing environmental releases and solid waste generation.
  • Greenhouse Gas Evaluation that teaches facilities how to calculate GHG emissions and evaluate reduction strategies.
  • Waste-to-Resource Exchange Program Assessment that supports manufacturers in turning landfilled waste into market commodities.
  • Post-Assessment Recommendations that guide each facility toward improvements in overall efficiency, reduced waste, more effective use of resources including energy and water, and cost savings.
  • Assistance with Implementation to assist facilities in getting recommendations implemented at their facility and helping find sources of financial assistance including tax credits, low interest loans, impact investments, and power company financial incentives.
  • Marketing Assistance to leverage pollution reduction efforts that provide recognition and greater support to participants and further educate the community about the benefits of pollution reduction.

E3: Revitalizing American Manufacturing