Do well by doing good in New Orleans – join Value NOLA.


What’s the mission of Value NOLA?

Value NOLA is a collective of government, business, and non-profit organizations who seek to support the growth of for-benefit organizations that balance mission with profits.
Our belief is that we can “do well by doing good” – that making money and having social impact are not mutually exclusive, but actually interdependent.  Thus, we think about value not only in financial terms, but also social, intellectual, political, physical and natural capital.  In the end, this is about the amazing value of New Orleans – and protecting that value for generations to come.
Our vision is for business to be a driving force of social good in Louisiana.
Please see the below link to learn more about our partners and initiatives!
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What’s a “for-benefit” organization?
Non-profits = social good, for-profits = economic growth…but why not have both? A for-benefit champions being sustainable without compromising the salary.  There are already organizations in New Orleans who work with a triple-bottom line: advancing society, protecting the environment, making a profit. LifeCity seeks to recognize that the for-benefit movement already exists here. We want to create a strong network of these organizations to support each other and to show the effectiveness of this model.

Where does Value NOLA come in?

Value NOLA seeks to grow the “for-benefit” community first by identifying, transitioning, and recruiting existing for-benefits here. By creating a network of these businesses, we’ll be able to attract auxiliary professions here as well as support them.  Additionally, we’ll be able to help government foster an ecosystem that supports for-benefit growth.

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