Defend the Daiquiri (and our city)

“It’s kind of crazy, and not a little telling, that New Orleanians have a love affair with the frozen daiquiri.”

– Scott Gold, New Orleans food writer for NOLA Vie. Read the entire ode to the daiquiri here.


10471347_10101036808359751_5309531949913243759_nLifeCity and YLC Recycles joined forces with OpenHouse New Orleans Co. to throw a cleaner, greener Daiquiri Fest this year. The festival featured performnces by the Hot 8 Brass Band, the Original Pinettes, Tank and the Bangas and more, and a percentage of proceeds went toward litter and waste reduction in the Marigny.

“Keep go-cups in your hands and off the ground!” was the cheer as Jeremy Thompson of OHNO Co. opted for reuseable Mardi Gras cups instead of the traditional styrofoam for his drinks. The cups were stamped with the Defend the Daiquiri symbol and sold in conjunction with the LifeCity Green Card for a discounted rate and over 30 cups and Green Cards were bought during the two-day fest, despite a monsoon on Saturday afternoon.

On the waste front, YLC Recycles equipped the grounds with an equal amount of recycling bins as trash bins, collecting over 800 gallons worth of recyclable plastic, aluminum, and cardboard – completely filling the recycle dumpster. Global Green and Green Card Members came out to party and volunteer, helping to recycle and sell the cups with LifeCity.

Special thanks to OHNO Co., YLC Recycles, Global Green, and everyone who contributed to keeping New Orleans healthy, beautiful, and partying.