Darin McAulife

“LifeCity has clearly identified the greatest challenge in improving living conditions in any city, education. When you combine education with execution, you affect change. That is what excited me about LifeCity. We all live and work in our communities and the ability to help the residents and businesses learn and act improves the viability of our community and health of our environs and our families. Elizabeth Shephard has demonstrated that she is clearly the leading expert in this field. “

Darin has co-founded four highly successful travel technology companies and has worked as a Senior Executive with large corporations.

As Co-founder andCOO of Turobotrip.com, Darin designed and managed the team that built one of the first on-line hotel booking engines. Turbotrip.com grew as a New Orleans based online retailer, to eventually transact business in 55 countries and over 360 destinations worldwide. The company was purchased by hotels.com in 2002.

Darin Co-founded and was the COO of neworleans.com, a destination advertising portal that catered to inbound travelers to New Orleans. Founded in 1993, neworleans.com was a leading edge portal introducing new revenue and advertising models to the Internet. The company was purchased by the Hammack-Jones Group in 2007.

Darin Co-founded and was the President of Internet Destinations, LLC, an Internet website development and hosting company. Founded in 1994, at its peak, IDC had developed over 1300 websites and hosted over 500 companies web presence. It was later folded into neworleans.com.

Darin also co-founded and was President of Hotel Booking Solutions, Inc., a demand management software suite utilized by over 15,000 hotels and hundreds of online distribution, tour operators, originating in Zell am See, Austria. After relocating the world headquarters to the United States and receiving significant Venture Capital investment, HBS was sold to Trivandrum, India based I Believe Systems.

He later served as Vice-President of Distribution Solutions for Pegasus Solutions, the world’s largest travel technology provider. In that capacity, Darin directed global sales for Pegasus’ distribution products.
Darin is a frequent speaker at events on the topics of Entrepreneurism, E-Commerce, and Revenue Management.