Climate Action for a Resilient New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. — On July 7th, 2017 New Orleans Major Mitchell J. Landrieu and Jeffrey P. Hebert, Chief Resilience Officer released their newest collaboration, Climate Action for a Resilient New Orleans – our city’s new climate action strategy.
Before the new climate action strategy, in January 2017, the first ever New Orleans City Council’s new Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) was formed. The Committee’s meetings mirror the structure of the City Council, with representatives from all Council Districts including several at-large positions:
  • Marianne Cufone, At-Large Division 1 appointee
  • Beverly Wright, At-Large Division 2 appointee
  • Jeffrey Cantin, District A appointee
  • Aron Chang, District B appointee
  • Elizabeth Shephard, District C appointee (chair)
  • Nick Harris, District D appointee
  • Arthur Johnson, District C appointee
  • Caitlyn Iacono, Committee Chair appointee
  • Essence Banks, Committee Chair appointee
  • Cynthia Sylvain Lear, Department of Sanitation, ex-officio
  • Jeff Hebert, CAO, ex-officio
On Friday, July 7th, the EAC voted to pass a set of recommendations, for the first topic: Increasing access and availability of electric vehicles in New Orleans. To read the brand new full recommendations report, please access it here: Environmental Advisory Committee EV Report APPROVED 7.10.17
Additionally, to learn more and locate the EAC on the City Council website, simply bring up the City Council website then open ‘Meet the Council,’ then open ‘Committees.’ You will find the EAC under the Public Works, Sanitation, and Environment Committee. The EAC meetings are listed on the Council calendar.
Please visit the site to provide your ideas to the EAC! All submitted recommendations and comments will be reviewed and considered in the context of the upcoming topics: Recycling, Composting, and Resilience as a Framework.