LifeCity Premium Services

LifeCity’s premium services uses the E3 framework to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing waste in business through our technical assistance partners.  


The E3 framework has been implemented in 26 states.

By joining LifeCity as a Premium Member, a business can expect to receive a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of its operations along with ongoing support implementing and evaluating the success of the resulting recommendations.

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Five specialized assessments performed by the E3 Technical Assistance Partners and facilitated by LifeCity. Assessments are designed to identify potential opportunities for manufacturer. The assessments can be scheduled at the manufacturer’s convenience and at the conclusion the manufacturer will receive the results and recommendations from each assessment plus an executive summary of key opportunities.

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Check out the video of the E3 Launch to learn more about what E3 will be doing to improve manufacturing in Louisiana:

For information, please contact or call (504) 909-2489.

Premium membership is a benefit of LifeCity Certification. Please contact to learn more about how your business and LifeCity can work together to build a more sustainable Greater New Orleans Region!