Certification with LifeCity

Save Money.  Become a Better Business.

When you become a LifeCity certified organization, we’ll increase your revenue as you become a greener and more socially responsible company.  We have an extensive network of local businesses, non-profits, and individuals, who together, support the Impact Economy in New Orleans – an economy based on connection, culture, and the longterm sustainability of our community.  Select the level of membership that best meets your goals.


      • Exclusive discounts from over 60 local and national green providers
      • Bulk purchasing with LifeCity members
      • Consulting services that reduce your waste and utility bills
      • Gain customers through Green Marketing
      • Listing on interactive online Impact Directory
      • Certified Green Business Marketing Material
      • Direct marketing to conscious consumers (1,200+Green Card Members)
      • Promotion as a Green Games participant
      • Monthly discounts to Green Business Workshops with the Chamber
      • B-B marketing and partnership opportunities
      • Training and workforce development opportunities
      • Join a collective voice for Sustainable Industries


        Includes Basic Consultation benefits
    • Learn how to take advantage of tax credits & Incentives
    • Regular check-ins to provide research & support as needed
    • Direct marketing of your brochures/materials at 3-4 Weekly Events
    • Lead referrals
    • Featured Newsletter and Event Promotion
    • Access to LifeCity’s Preferred Sustainability Network
    • Participation in LifeCity’s Waste-to-Resource Exchange Program


      Includes Advanced Membership Benefits
  • 10 hours additional sustainability consulting (LEED, B Corp, etc)
  • Review compliance with environmental regulations
  • Exclusive marketing as a part of LifeCity’s Impact Circle
  • Advocated to leaders and policy advocates in our community

Read more about LifeCity’s 5 Stages of Certification.

LifeCity Certified Members