Fats, Oils and Grease: New regulations from the SWB you need to know

environmental_fogalertIn February 2016, Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, updated the plumbing code specifically relating to rules governing discharge into the public sewerage system from grease traps and grease interceptors. S&WB also outlined the new FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) ordinance in Section 16.5 of the Plumbing Code.  The change in regulations was made to reduce sanitary sewer overflows in the collection system. The majority of sewer overflows are caused by obstructions in the collection system and grease causes most of those obstructions.

Traditionally, municipalities issued discharge permits and sampled the discharge from the grease-trap to determine if a facility was in compliance.  The FOG program is a means to regulate discharges to the sanitary sewer by the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). The intent of the changes to the Plumbing Code is to make food service facilities aware of the function of their grease-trap and grease-interceptors. It also will require the food service facility owner and/or manager to properly maintain their trap.  This is done by having it pumped or cleaned by a grease-trap cleaning company. The trap must be inspected on an annual basis by a licensed plumber to ensure it works properly.

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TOP 5 Lessons from Lelia’s Negotiations Workshop

IMG_2273What does negotiation have to do with sustainability? A lot – we discovered while attending Lelia Gowland’s negotiation workshop at Treo’s upstairs gallery last week. We wanted to share the amazing lessons we gained from Gowland Consulting so you too can build relationships that ultimately generate stronger, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Isn’t that what sustainability is all about?  Understanding the relationships between our community, environment, and economy, in order to discover the best long-term possible outcomes?  Whether you are negotiating your next contract or climate change policy, negotiation is something all of us in sustainable business development should care about.  Here are the top 5 lessons we learned: Continue reading

Going Above & Beyond: 5 Green Games Contestants’ Impact

We have companies that consistently shoot for the stars – in their mission, operations, and community engagement. Here are excerpts from five stellar applications we received in the Green Games competition. Remember, you can vote for your favorite in our Facebook poll! The winner receives a free year of LifeCity membership!

nola tree project logo1. NOLA Tree Project (formerly Hike for KaTREEna)


Green Games 5: 5 Contestant Highlights!

Excerpts from some of 5 of our impactful contestant profiles in this year’s Green Games! See how they’ve gone above and beyond to create a positive impact through their work. Get your tickets for May 12th to see the winner, and in the meantime VOTE for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award!

 1. Water Works

small_Water_Works-Home_r1_c2-2MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Continue reading

LifeCity Attends Sage Summit 2015

sageBy Suzi Kondic – A few weeks ago, our CEO Liz Shephard shared what she “made from lemons” at an event hosted by Stay Local, one of our valued partners. Not only was the event a great space for inspiring and networking, but attendees also got free admission to the 2015 Sage Summit, which took place last week at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Continue reading

LifeCity, Lycee Francais, et Les Agents Verts

Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans (LFNO) joined LifeCity’s Green School Group last year in order to expand on their sustainability goals. LIfeCity and the LFNO Green Team began the year with setting up a strategy for becoming a zero-waste school, this was also LFNO’s project for the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge through USGBC Louisiana. Continue reading

Vote for Earth Prime in the Big Idea Pitch 2015!

 A letter from LifeCity Certified Earth Prime Inc, contestant in the Big Idea Pitch 2015!

Earth Prime copy.png

Greetings from Earth Prime Inc,

Earth Prime needs your help with Daily Voting!

Earth Prime Inc. is the maker of the iGardenX hydroponic garden, which we designed so that you can have your own Whole Foods right outside your door. Continue reading

Do well by doing good in New Orleans – join Value NOLA.


What’s the mission of Value NOLA?

Value NOLA is a collective of government, business, and non-profit organizations who seek to support the growth of for-benefit organizations that balance mission with profits.
Our belief is that we can “do well by doing good” – that making money and having social impact are not mutually exclusive, but actually interdependent.  Thus, we think about value not only in financial terms, but also social, intellectual, political, physical and natural capital.  In the end, this is about the amazing value of New Orleans – and protecting that value for generations to come.
Our vision is for business to be a driving force of social good in Louisiana.
Please see the below link to learn more about our partners and initiatives!
09.17.14_Vaule NOLA Presentation
What’s a “for-benefit” organization?
Non-profits = social good, for-profits = economic growth…but why not have both? A for-benefit champions being sustainable without compromising the salary.  There are already organizations in New Orleans who work with a triple-bottom line: advancing society, protecting the environment, making a profit. LifeCity seeks to recognize that the for-benefit movement already exists here. We want to create a strong network of these organizations to support each other and to show the effectiveness of this model.

Where does Value NOLA come in?

Value NOLA seeks to grow the “for-benefit” community first by identifying, transitioning, and recruiting existing for-benefits here. By creating a network of these businesses, we’ll be able to attract auxiliary professions here as well as support them.  Additionally, we’ll be able to help government foster an ecosystem that supports for-benefit growth.

lifecity flyer 3-17

Local Business, Local Brews: PJ’s Coffee


PJ’s on Poydras is a full service coffeehouse providing gourmet coffee, delicious pastries, and great lunch. Conveniently located in the CBD and right across the street from the Superdome, stop by this PJ’s for a quick bite, a business lunch and catering for your next meeting.

PJ’s Coffee has worked hand in hand with LifeCity to put on healthy, zero-waste events. As Thanksgiving is around the corner we would like to take a moment show our gratitude for PJ’s efforts to support LifeCity and to promote a more sustainable New Orleans by featuring them in November’s Member Spotlight. Show your gratitude for this local business by dropping in for a cup of coffee, and receive a free up-size on your order when you use your LifeCity Green Card.

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