New City Recycling Resolution Passes Following America Recycles Day

CONTACT Liz Shephard, CEO at LifeCity LLC (504) 909 –CITY(2489)   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 18th, 2016  

New City Recycling Resolution Passes Following America Recycles Day

NEW ORLEANS - Following the success of America Recycles Day, New Orleans City Council passed a resolution encouraging increased recycling to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills. Local recycling community leaders including LifeCity, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Cajun Encounters, Republic Services, and Whole Foods partnered with District "C" Councilmember Ramsey, Chair of the Committee on Public Works and Sanitation, to promote increased city-wide recycling efforts. Continue reading

Media Alert: French Quarter Businesses take tour of local Recycling Facility in honor of America Recycles Day



Press contact: Liz Shephard, CEO, LifeCity, (504) 909-2489 (o), (813) 417-0392 (c), What: In honor of America Recycles Day, local community partners have sponsored an event to educate businesses and political leaders about recycling in our community through a workshop and tour of a local material recycling facility. When: November 15th, 1:30 pm – 1:45pm, followed by tour from 1:45-2:15 pm. Where: 808 L & A Road, Metairie, LA, 70001 Building is located off of Airline Hwy at Republic Service’s Material Recycling Facility (MRF).  This is the only material recycling facility in New Orleans and is seeking to expand.  Local business leaders and City Council members will speak, and then take a tour of the recycling facility. With Whom: City Council Member Ramsey, French Quarter Business Leaders, the Sewage & Water Board, LifeCity, Republic Services, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the New Orleans Chamber Foundation, Latrobe’s on Royal, Cajun Encounters, and more. Why: New Orleans only recycles 5% of its waste (eligible for pick up by the City of New Orleans).  This number is low when compared to cities like San Francisco that recycle 80-90% of their waste.  In honor of America Recycles Day, the City Council is providing a resolution to support increasing recycling in our community, in order to create jobs, protect resources for future generations, support sustainable business development, and reduce the harm that landfills so often cause near disadvantaged communities. There are still spots available for the Business Recycling Workshop at Latrobe's On Royal and Recycling Facility Tour (the bus is full). More details about both events here. Please join us today!

Businesses interested in more support and resources are encouraged to contact LifeCity at


Greentrepreneur: Urban Conservancy

The Urban Conservancy is a New Orleans-based nonprofit that’s been around since 2001, focused on catalyzing equitable policy and practice related to our land use and local economy through research, education, and advocacy.  ‘ A lot of our focus with regard to land use right now has to do with our city’s changing relationship with water, and educating the public about the things we can all do to protect our community from excessive street flooding and subsidence.  Our Front Yard Initiative is an example of how we are taking that message to the public. StayLocal, Greater New Orleans’ independent business alliance is an Urban Conservancy initiative, and so of course the health of our place-based business community is always top of mind.

What are some of your proudest moments as executive director of the Urban Conservancy?

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Green Home Blue Yard Tour Was a Success!

We began the Green Home Blue Yard tour with happy hour at Other Bar and ended with a cocktail party. In between, we visited three sites that exemplify smart building and landscape design that keep our sunken city below budget and above water. All were within walking distance of The Other Bar and it was a beautiful October evening to tour the neighborhood! Dana Eness, executive director of The Urban Conservancy, led us to a successful implementation of the Front Yard Initiative where a homeowner replaced front yard concrete with a garden. They showed before and after pictures of what had before been known as "Lake Valmont," the street flooding used to be so bad. Now, the rain garden takes a major burden off the pipes and the street drains much better during heavy rains. Michael Collins, developer and owner of The Other Bar, led a tour of houses he's built to be energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and resilient. The first was a 5,000 sq foot home that has a monthly energy bill of only $90. We ended the evening with a cocktail party at his latest development, built with reclaimed wood from the neighborhood. They use a heat-gun to identify needed improvements in insulation and use argon-gas filled windows to keep the houses sealed.

Greentrepreneur: NOLA Aikido

nola_aikido_logo_500Located in New Orleans’ Mid-City, NOLA Aikido offers training in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. We’re committed to helping every student, from beginner to advanced, learn and grow at their own pace. In time, young and old alike can become more fit, more confident, with a greater sense of well-being. Classes for both adults and children are offered. We are constantly working to make our offerings accessible to anyone and everyone who might be interested and benefit from Aikido practice without discrimination with regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, or income. We are continuing to grow and expand, and we are excited to see what’s next!

What are some of your proudest moments as owner of NOLA Aikido?

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B Lab: Benefit Corporations Offer Private Sector Strategies To Solve Social, Environmental Challenges

by Billy Lee and Jessica Nehrbass,, 10/3/2016

NEW ORLEANS – On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA), LifeCity, Fishman Haygood, L.L.P. and Propeller hosted a group of lawyers, business owners and entrepreneurs for an educational workshop on “benefit corporations,” an emerging class of businesses that are redefining corporate purpose to consider society and the environment alongside profit for shareholders.

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New Orleans Chamber Foundation receives Healthy Communities Grant to help green French Quarter businesses

CONTACT Liz Shephard, CEO, LifeCity, LLC (504) 909 –CITY(2489) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2016 New Orleans Chamber Foundation receives Healthy Communities Grant to help green French Quarter businesses  (New Orleans, LA | September 6, 2016) The New Orleans Chamber Foundation in partnership with LifeCity, a local organization that’s working to make social and environmental impact profitable for businesses, was selected as a recipient of the Healthy Communities Grant by Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the State’s premier anti-litter and community improvement organization.  This year’s grant of $6,000 (with a $5,000 match from the Louisiana Small Business Development Center) will help support 20 French Quarter businesses improve their waste management and green their operations. Continue reading

Flood Relief: Resources and Best Practices

flood shelterby William Lee It’s been nearly three weeks since a historic rainstorm descended on southern Louisiana, releasing enough water in its days-long hover to fill Lake Pontchartrain—four times. The ensuing flooding stranded thousands of Louisianans and inundated tens of thousands of vehicles, homes and businesses, sparking a crisis. Many New Orleanians are anxious to know the best way to help our neighbors in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and dozens of other communities hit hard by the flooding. Continue reading

Greentrepreneur: Bart’s Office Inc.

bart's logoThis month, our Greentrepreneur is showcased not only for their commitment to becoming a more sustainable business but also for their response to their community in its time of need. Bart's Office Inc. was a major supporter of flood victims in the Baton Rouge area this past month, delivering truck-loads of supplies and volunteering their time to help affected areas get back on their feet. Below is an abbreviated version of our regular Greentrepreneur feature by owner Courtney Davis, along with some images of the help they provided our neighbors. Thanks to Bart's and all the businesses helping in the relief effort! Check out this article on how to get involved if you haven't already. Continue reading