July’s LifeCity Business Members!

New-MembersWelcome to our Newest Members!

Over the past month, some of New Orleans’s favorite companies and organizations have joined us in building the Impact Economy right here in our City!

Learn more about our newest LifeCity Business Members and some of their great products and services. Also, make sure to check out their exclusive Green Card discounts. Continue reading

10 Impact Directory Profiles You Need To See!

Impact Directory

LifeCity has worked long and hard to bring you the Impact Directory, and, it’s finally here! We have a created a resource that is valuable to our members as well as our local community in finding the sustainable products and services to help you green your life.

Read about the Impact Directory, how we built it and how to use it. Then explore a number of Certified Green Business profiles you just can’t miss. Continue reading

LifeCity’s 5 Stages of Certification

Certification steps

Becoming a “green” business is no silver bullet.  That’s why LifeCity makes it easy for businesses to take one step at a time towards greater sustainability with the greatest return on their personal investment.  Each stage of certification represents a unique level of commitment tailored to the sector and context of each company.  Consumers can be guaranteed that each business is transparent as they move forward along the path towards greater sustainability and greater consumer support. Continue reading

The Greentrepreneur: Green Grants

“Walk the talk” is a constant challenge for Impact Economy businesses in New Orleans. In an economic environment that often makes it hard to be environmentally or socially conscious, businesses must navigate between the bottom line and their green principles.

However, for Green Grants co-founder Aaron Dirks, he asserts: “We are a walk the talk kind of company and are excited to work with LifeCity to make as many smart changes as possible to the way we do business and the way our team lives our lives.” Continue reading

How to use the Impact Directory

Impact DirectoryWelcome to the Impact Directory!  This is the place where you can find the organizations who can help you live a more sustainable life or run a more sustainable organization.

There are 3 primary ways you can use the directory: search by keywords, search by visual topical categories, or search by written categories including topics, social and environmental indicators, and location. Continue reading

How we built the Impact Directory

Impact DirectoryWhoa!  The Impact Directory is a long time coming!

First it was called the Sustainable Asset Directory, then the Green Business Directory, and now – the Impact Directory!  We’re really – really – REALLY excited its finally here.  We hope you are too.

Many of us, individuals and businesses alike, seek to live more sustainable lives, build stronger, smarter businesses, and ultimately, a more healthy and equitable New Orleans!  But we can’t make these changes alone.  We need to find the businesses in our community who can help us get there.  That’s what the Impact Directory is for – it helps you meet your needs with the best local sustainable companies available. Continue reading

Produce’s Global Campaign

By James Haralson

In an effort to enjoy tasty food in an environmentally sustainable way, people all around the world are creating innovative food production systems. Global residents are banning together to increase the presence of community gardens and to re-examine how food is packaged.

In New Orleans, the Holly Grove Market and Farm (HMF) aims to promote sustainable practices by supporting local farmers and increasing the “accessibility of fresh produce” for New Orleans’ residents. According to HMF officials, the organization is made up of an urban farm, local produce market, and community garden space. Continue reading

Greentrepeneur – Joule Energy

By Will Martin

Joule Energy presents an energy solution that will make your home, business and wallet a whole lot greener. They are a solar energy company based in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas that has installed over 1 megawatt of solar panels (enough to power approximately 1,000 homes) in the Southeastern United States. Joule Energy’s solar panels can be integrated into the design of new buildings or, as they have done on their own office building, added onto existing structures. The company has become a flagship for business sustainability through their efforts to infuse solar energy components into all levels of society, from homes and businesses all the way up to the federal level. Continue reading

The GREENtrepreneur: Liberty’s Kitchen

LibertySocial enterprise is becoming the new norm for businesses and non-profits alike, and so much so, it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between for-profit and non-profit companies. We interviewed one such company, Liberty’s Kitchen, who is participating in the Green Games and transforming lives through healthy food.

“It’s all a joy, but the greatest joy is the young people,” said Co-founder and Executive Director Janet Davas.

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