Green Home Blue Yard Tour Was a Success!

We began the Green Home Blue Yard tour with happy hour at Other Bar and ended with a cocktail party. In between, we visited three sites that exemplify smart building and landscape design that keep our sunken city below budget and above water. All were within walking distance of The Other Bar and it was a beautiful October evening to tour the neighborhood!

Dana Eness, executive director of The Urban Conservancy, led us to a successful implementation of the Front Yard Initiative where a homeowner replaced front yard concrete with a garden. They showed before and after pictures of what had before been known as “Lake Valmont,” the street flooding used to be so bad. Now, the rain garden takes a major burden off the pipes and the street drains much better during heavy rains.

Michael Collins, developer and owner of The Other Bar, led a tour of houses he’s built to be energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and resilient. The first was a 5,000 sq foot home that has a monthly energy bill of only $90. We ended the evening with a cocktail party at his latest development, built with reclaimed wood from the neighborhood. They use a heat-gun to identify needed improvements in insulation and use argon-gas filled windows to keep the houses sealed.

Greentrepreneur: Bart’s Office Inc.

bart's logoThis month, our Greentrepreneur is showcased not only for their commitment to becoming a more sustainable business but also for their response to their community in its time of need. Bart’s Office Inc. was a major supporter of flood victims in the Baton Rouge area this past month, delivering truck-loads of supplies and volunteering their time to help affected areas get back on their feet. Below is an abbreviated version of our regular Greentrepreneur feature by owner Courtney Davis, along with some images of the help they provided our neighbors. Thanks to Bart’s and all the businesses helping in the relief effort! Check out this article on how to get involved if you haven’t already. Continue reading

Fats, Oils and Grease: New regulations from the SWB you need to know

environmental_fogalertIn February 2016, Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, updated the plumbing code specifically relating to rules governing discharge into the public sewerage system from grease traps and grease interceptors. S&WB also outlined the new FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) ordinance in Section 16.5 of the Plumbing Code.  The change in regulations was made to reduce sanitary sewer overflows in the collection system. The majority of sewer overflows are caused by obstructions in the collection system and grease causes most of those obstructions.

Traditionally, municipalities issued discharge permits and sampled the discharge from the grease-trap to determine if a facility was in compliance.  The FOG program is a means to regulate discharges to the sanitary sewer by the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). The intent of the changes to the Plumbing Code is to make food service facilities aware of the function of their grease-trap and grease-interceptors. It also will require the food service facility owner and/or manager to properly maintain their trap.  This is done by having it pumped or cleaned by a grease-trap cleaning company. The trap must be inspected on an annual basis by a licensed plumber to ensure it works properly.

Key points of the regulations are found below: Continue reading

Going Above & Beyond: 5 Green Games Contestants’ Impact

We have companies that consistently shoot for the stars – in their mission, operations, and community engagement. Here are excerpts from five stellar applications we received in the Green Games competition. Remember, you can vote for your favorite in our Facebook poll! The winner receives a free year of LifeCity membership!

nola tree project logo1. NOLA Tree Project (formerly Hike for KaTREEna)


LifeCity receives $25,000 from GNOF to continue the Value Louisiana Initiative

Just yesterday, LifeCity received funds from the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) to continue and grow the Value Louisiana Initiative (VLI) with a full-time coordinator. As a catalyst for change in the region, GNOF recognizes the important role that backbone organizations play in community development. This grant mirrors another recent grant provided to the Water Collaborative to hire a full-time coordinator to develop a collective impact strategy for the water sector. Continue reading

LifeCity Members’ Top Ten Innovations

by Anna Schwartz

Every day, LifeCity’s Business Members are making New Orleans a better, cleaner, and greener in some incredibly innovative ways. We want to recognize the many advances our members have made; the big, the small, the ridiculously simple and the artfully weird. This month we picked some of our favorite innovations LifeCity members have uniquely instituted. From hiring the homeless to rooftop beehives, these businesses are blazing new trails in social and environmental impact. So with no further ado, we give you…

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LifeCity, Lycee Francais, et Les Agents Verts

Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans (LFNO) joined LifeCity’s Green School Group last year in order to expand on their sustainability goals. LIfeCity and the LFNO Green Team began the year with setting up a strategy for becoming a zero-waste school, this was also LFNO’s project for the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge through USGBC Louisiana. Continue reading

Vote for Earth Prime in the Big Idea Pitch 2015!

 A letter from LifeCity Certified Earth Prime Inc, contestant in the Big Idea Pitch 2015!

Earth Prime copy.png

Greetings from Earth Prime Inc,

Earth Prime needs your help with Daily Voting!

Earth Prime Inc. is the maker of the iGardenX hydroponic garden, which we designed so that you can have your own Whole Foods right outside your door. Continue reading

Throw me somethin’ Mister! Now what?

Guest article by Stasia Cymes, owner of LifeCity Certified Green Business Clear the Clutter.
Check out these sustainable, professional organizers on their website and connect with them on Facebook. (Green Card holders, get $25 off your first session!)


Ready or not Carnival time is here which can be quite the challenge when it comes to home organization! As we roll into another parade season you may be still dealing with the clutter of Mardi Gras’ past wondering “what am I supposed to do with all these throws?”

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