ANNOUNCING: Winners and Finalists of the 5th Annual Green Games Awards Gala

GG 2016 Award plaque design GOld_outlinesThe winners of the 5th annual Green Games were announced Thursday night at the Green Games Awards Gala! Below is a complete list of the winners, finalists, and our selection committee who helped award Excellence (for overall leadership as a sustainable organization) and Emerging Leadership (for vast improvements over the last year).

The winners of the Excellence award will also be awarded $500 to go toward sustainability improvements in the 2016-2017 year.

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Going Above & Beyond: 5 Green Games Contestants’ Impact

We have companies that consistently shoot for the stars – in their mission, operations, and community engagement. Here are excerpts from five stellar applications we received in the Green Games competition. Remember, you can vote for your favorite in our Facebook poll! The winner receives a free year of LifeCity membership!

nola tree project logo1. NOLA Tree Project (formerly Hike for KaTREEna)


Green Games 5: 5 Contestant Highlights!

Excerpts from some of 5 of our impactful contestant profiles in this year’s Green Games! See how they’ve gone above and beyond to create a positive impact through their work. Get your tickets for May 12th to see the winner, and in the meantime VOTE for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award!

 1. Water Works

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LifeCity receives $25,000 from GNOF to continue the Value Louisiana Initiative

Just yesterday, LifeCity received funds from the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) to continue and grow the Value Louisiana Initiative (VLI) with a full-time coordinator. As a catalyst for change in the region, GNOF recognizes the important role that backbone organizations play in community development. This grant mirrors another recent grant provided to the Water Collaborative to hire a full-time coordinator to develop a collective impact strategy for the water sector. Continue reading

LifeCity Members’ Top Ten Innovations

by Anna Schwartz

Every day, LifeCity’s Business Members are making New Orleans a better, cleaner, and greener in some incredibly innovative ways. We want to recognize the many advances our members have made; the big, the small, the ridiculously simple and the artfully weird. This month we picked some of our favorite innovations LifeCity members have uniquely instituted. From hiring the homeless to rooftop beehives, these businesses are blazing new trails in social and environmental impact. So with no further ado, we give you…

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Green Games Corner: WWOZ’s Fall Drive Preserves our Music and City

nattyawardscircleGreen Games Corner

Each month, we’ll highlight a LifeCity member who’s making great progress in their goals as a part of the Green Games competition. This month, we focus on WWOZ as they make some big changes in their office for their annual Fall Membership Drive. (PS…if you aren’t an OZ member yet, click here to pledge your support!!) Continue reading

ANNOUNCING: Winners and Finalists of the 2015 Green Games Awards Gala

The winners of the fourth annual Green Games were announced Thursday night at the Green Games Awards Gala! Below is a complete list of the winners, finalists, and our selection committee who helped award Sustainability Excellence (for overall leadership as a sustainable organization) and Sustainability Acheivement (for vast improvements over the last year in operations).

Each of the companies below were selected as leaders in their fields, and the winners of the Sustainability Excellence and Achivement Awards recieved a plaque in recognition of their work. Additionally, the winners of Sustainability Excellence will also be awarded $500 to go toward sustainability improvements in the 2015-2016 year.

Thank you to our sponsors who made the evening possible: The Sheraton New Orleans, Shell Office of Real Estate, AMCREF Community Capital, Pure Water Technology, Dana Brown & Associates, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, the Eiffel Society, and 30/90 Management.

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Meet the Contestants of the 2015 Green Games

4.15.15_FB BANNER

Come vote for your favorite sustainable business to win the People’s Choice Award at the Green Games Awards Gala, Thursday May 14th!

We have an astounding group of sustainable business leaders in the Greater New Orleans area, but some deserve special recognition for their effort and creativity in making their business a source of social and environmental impact in our communiy.

Without futher ado, here are the contestants of this year’s Green Games in each of seven categories: Continue reading

The Green Games: 3 Steps You Need to Succeed

NattyAwardsLogoMediumClear_nodateIf you’re a LifeCity Business Member, you already know you’re a competitor in the Green Games. But do you know what it takes to bring home the prize?

The Green Games isn’t an arbitrary drawing of one of our many great member businesses. It’s a crafted assessment with third-party, impartial judges. And there’s a definite pattern to its winners. Here are three steps to take as you’re beginning the road to the Natty Awards Ceremony in May.

Step 1: Revisit your goals.

Summer months were hot of weather, cold of customer. We’re guessing you didn’t spend them ruminating on how to make energy efficiency improvements. (Well, maybe that time you saw your August Entergy bill.) But now that we don’t need snoballs to keep our brains from overheating, it’s time to look back on what you want to accomplish with LifeCity. Setting and accomplishing these goals is what will propel you to the next stage of growth…and win you a trophy at the Natty Awards ceremony!

Step 2: Get in touch.Slide1

Remember that goals sheet we filled out when you became a LifeCity member? Check it out. Have you checked them all off? Are there a few that need attention? Do you know where your goal sheet is?

Even if you haven’t begun any, no worries. We’ll meet you wherever you are in the goals process, because that’s what we’re here for. Your second step is to call or email your community manager at LifeCity (, 504-909-2489) and set up a time to find out where to go from here.

Step 3: Make a strategy.

Once we’ve identified your progress (or located your sheet), we can make a plan together of how to move forward. We know as a business owner how little time you have to make these connections on your own – that’s why we do it for you. We’ll work together to find out what you need, when you need it, and how to make it happen.

LP1050187agniappe step 4: Lâche pas la patate!

In other words, hang in there! We know it’s not easy being the pioneers of sustainability in New Orleans. Yes, we’re all striving to be more sustainable for the good of our city. Yes, our community and earth mean more to us than a competition.

But sometimes, it just feels good to be recognized for the work we’re doing that doesn’t always generate the most profits right away. And the Green Games is how we do that.

So come to the Green Games Launch Party on October 16th at Bourbon House to drink specialty cocktails, kick off the games, and meet your competition (aka other awesome leaders in New Orleans)!