Where does your organization belong?

Green Restaurant Group Logo BASICGreen Restaurant Group

Join the LifeCity Green Restaurant Group to learn more about cost-savings, marketing opportunities, and networking opportunities to help you grow your restaurant business.  From water filters, energy efficient refrigerators, and even glass and grease recycling – we can help you save money while you grow your impact.  Learn more!


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Green School Group

Join the LifeCity Green School Group to learn how your school can connect with everything from energy efficiency upgrades to green cleaning products and services, fresh and healthy school lunches, and access to free educational programs that can teach your students about being green. Create a better learning environment for your students, faculty, and staff all while lowering your operation costs. Learn more!

office group-01

Green Office Group

Join the Green Office group and watch your team become more healthy, productive, and excited to be at work.  LifeCity can connect you to discounted printing, recycling, LED lighting, volunteer opportunities and more!  We also provide lunch and learns to ensure that your team is an active part of building a greener office.  Learn more!

retail group-01

Green Retail Group

Consumers are always wanting to find green food, clothes, products, and other items as they shop.  The best way to help notify consumers that you are green is by becoming a certified LifeCity member!  Learn more and meet other members.

services group-01

Green Services Group

From cleaning services to solar energy, we want to ensure that everyone in New Orleans can access services that help build a more sustainable New Orleans.  Do you want to take part in the Impact Economy?  Or perhaps you consider yourself a leader of green services?  Contact us!  Learn more!


hotel group-01

Green Hotel/Hospitality Group

Does your hotel or bed and breakfast implement green practices?  Join us in uplifting green tourism in this City by connecting visitors and locals to your green business.  As the city prepares or the US Green Build conference, now is the time to learn how you can save money and go green at the same time.  Learn more!

non prof group-01

Green Non-Profit Group

Does your non-profit want to practice socially and environmentally practices as you solve social and environmental problems?  Join the Green Non-profit group and connect with other organizations who share your values and can move your mission forward.  Learn more!