Can you Green Dat when you Who Dat?!

by Jessica Nehrbass

who_dat_nation_-_black_and_gold_v2_-_storyville_-_di1The Saints play Sunday at noon so you’re probably headed to a BBQ, tailgate or other shindig. Ever thought about how much waste is being generated in our city and how to instead make sure they a positive impact on our communities? We at LifeCity like to GREENDat when we WhoDat!

Here are a few tips on how to decrease the waste at your event and support socially-responsible businesses in the process:

  • REDUCE IT: Break out your kitchen’s dishware instead of grabbing those polluting plastics and toxic Styrofoam. If you have to go disposable, opt for paper, compostables or bioplastics over biodegradable plastics.
  • REUSE IT: Instead of restocking plastic-y shiny disposable décor that ends up in your local landfill opt for a few key items that are flashy from one season to the next. Need more options? Visit New Orleans Green, LLC for potted plants as well as sustainable vintage household décor and gifts.
  • KEG IT or CAN IT: Relive those college years and offer to pick up a keg for your host. But swap those red solos for glassware. Both will greatly cut down waste from individual containers and that stench in your bin. Second best is to opt for cans over bottles since NOLA still lacks glass recycling. NOLA Brewery’s local selections are packaged with marine-life friendly can holders. Winos stock up at Mid-City’s Pearl Wine Co.12887262583_a997d6d2a8_k
  • RECYCLE IT: Label that second bin or bag RECYCLING for all your plastic, cans, cardboard and paper. Don’t worry about sorting, just simply make sure items are food-free and Phoenix Recycling will pick them up in Orleans, Jefferson, East St. Charles and St. Bernard parishes.
  • LOCALIZE IT: Buy local and reduce the carbon footprint created from the gas used to ship products here. Try Hollygrove Market and Farm for local produce right off Carrollton (open 7 days a week). They also offer home delivery!
  • HEALTHIFY IT: Games don’t have to be all junk food, instead stock your veggie platter and healthy snacks. And if you want to go the extra mile, treat your friends to those organic or free-range items.
  • CLEAN IT: Drop the toxins during those pre- and post-party clean up sessions by opting for non-toxic cleaning products. Look for Melaleuca’s or Essanté Organics surface, dish and laundry products.
  • FSC IT: If you’re not laying out the linen napkins, look for Forest Stewardship Council certified paper napkins which promote sustainable use of our forests (Fresh Market carries some).
  • WATCH IT: The game that is, at a socially-responsible bar and restaurant like Bourbon House.

SUPPORT IT! Use your dollars to support local stores that are working to achieve social and environmental impacts in our community. You can find participating stores through our Impact Directory and take advantage of their discounts for LifeCity Green Card holders!