Tip of the Month: Resist Colorblind Leadership


Matthew Kincaid is the Founder of Overcoming Racism.

May 2017 Business Tip of the Month

Recent studies from Forbes, Harvard Business School and McKinsey, have the business world buzzing about diversity. The findings of these studies cite, that diverse organizations are more innovative and grow faster, earn more, and are better at problem solving.

The question is, once you have managed to hire a diverse staff, how do you get the most from your diversity?

Getting a bunch of different people in a room together is not in itself magical, creating an environment that cultivates and affirms all of those people’s differences is where the magic starts.

Overcoming Racism’s tip for building an equitable work environment is to invest in equity, not equity like your bottom line (all businesses do that), but equity as in cultivating an environment and climate where all of your partners, employees and clients feel SEEN, HEARD, and VALUED.

One way to do this is to resist the urge of “colorblind leadership” one-size-fits all initiatives are not inclusive and promote sameness rather than embracing diversity. Instead embrace culturally responsive leadership, the type of leadership that sees and celebrates each person on your team for who they are and the value of their multiple identities.

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