ANNOUNCING: Winners of the 2019 Love Your City Awards Gala

2019 Love Your City Awards Revealed: Honoring Sustainable Business Leaders

12 Recognized for Social and Environmental Impact

Stormwater Winner


Batture has helped designed the storage of 14 million gallons of stormwater and counting. In addition to their direct efforts, Batture partners with other organizations to support them in implementing green infrastructure in our city.


Housing Winner

Tulane Canal Development Corporation 

Tulane Canal Development Corporation has built 18 homes in New Orleans for families who make at or below 80% of the Area Median Income. We work with families for up to two years to become mortgage ready through one-on-one financial literacy and home buyer counseling. We have over 30 people in our current pipeline and will complete 10 energy efficient homes with storm water management systems in the next two years.





Food Winner

Recirculating Farms Coalition

Recirculating Farms Coalition’s primary mission is to increase local, healthy, affordable, accessible food – while caring for our environment. Their core program focuses on growing local fresh food in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner that reduces, reuses and recycles in every way possible. They utilize hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, in ground and raised bed growing methods. They also manage several garden sites – one entirely on their our own, and the others in partnership with other organizations – a senior housing development, a homeless support organization, an alternative high school and a free community health clinic.




Culture Winner

Black Men of Labor

The Black Men of Labor utilizes its rich culture and heritage in advancing its employees, staff and community in being included in the Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity. Which flows to 100% of all involved. Their services provide other organizations with informed and trained clients in growing their impact and footprint over all. Through their experience they have devised an initiative that grows from the bottom up in strengthening the industry at a whole with better qualified applicants and clients at around 75%.





Clean Energy Winner

The Sheraton New Orleans

In 2018 the Sheraton New Orleans completed a LED lighting retrofit by replacing 746 fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs, with estimated savings of $6,100 and 68,000KWh. All used bulbs were donated to a homeless shelter.






Economic Opportunity Winner

Lighthouse Louisiana

In 2018, Lighthouse Louisiana hosted an Inclusion Day event where they hosted state officials, members of the disability community, and members of the business community (100+attended). They also placed 40 people to date in jobs in the community in 2018 for people with disabilities (in addition to hiring individuals who are blind at their own manufacturing facility). In 2018 they performed over 300 outreaches to businesses, schools, community events, etc., sharing the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce.




Transportation Winner

Friends of Lafitte Greenway

Use of the Greenway increased at least 20% in 2018 over 2017 numbers. Approximately 300,000 people use the Greenway each year for transportation and recreation. The trail is primarily used for transportation and is an essential connecting pathway for all residents.






Education Winner

Overcoming Racism

Overcoming Racism partners with schools for long-term engagements that includes personalized and intensive anti-racism Professional Development (PD). The PD provides teacher and educational leaders with the tools to lead schools that drive academic achievement while prioritizing cultural competence and sociopolitical awareness among teachers and students. The program includes an equity audit which reviews the hiring practices, curriculum, parent engagement strategy, systems and policies that lead to disparate outcomes. By partnering with talented data and curriculum specialists and other educational leaders, schools create specific plans to address disparities. In one pilot school in one year, they reduced suspensions by 75%, raised student happiness by 15%, and raised the school performance score a letter grade. 




Resource Management Winner

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

The Audubon Aquarium has committed to reducing plastic pollution as part of its mission to make the organization’s business operations more sustainable and educate the public about the importance of ocean conservation. In 2016, the Aquarium eliminated the use of plastic straws, shopping bags, cups, and cup lids. In 2018, the Aquarium eliminated the sale of plastic bottled water and began selling aluminum canned water, an infinitely. These efforts have resulted in 4,330 pounds of plastic waste diverted from the landfill; 95,267 gallons of water saved; and 106,418 kw/h of energy saved. Additionally, the Aquarium has shifted all lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting.





Health Winner

All You Need Institute

Working at All You Need allows for highly flexible hours, working outdoors in the sunshine, without exposure to any harmful chemicals, and with access to fresh and healthy food. They offer consultations, build outs, and supplies to get other organizations, primarily schools, properly managing stormwater, spending more time outdoors, and eating healthier.





Best All Around Winner


Folgers has made a commitment to be Zero Waste by 2020, diverting millions of pounds from the landfill every month in New Orleans East. Among the qualities that make Smucker unique is a common Purpose of helping to bring families together to share memorable meals and moments. Folgers takes pride in partnering with organizations that make meaningful impact on the community while achieving such responsible goals as being a Zero Waste facility.



People’s Choice!

Overcoming Racism

In addition to winning top honors in the Education category, as judged by the Regional Sustainability Committee (RSC), Overcoming Racism won the coveted People’s Choice Award. The organization received the most votes out of all of our finalists in a competitive public poll!



Event photos can be found here.

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Advisory: Greater New Orleans Foundation Hosts Spirit of Charity Innovation District Citywide Community Workshop

Greater New Orleans Foundation


NEW ORLEANS – Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the Greater New Orleans Foundation and Design Jones, LLC will host the third citywide community workshop to get public input on possibilities for redeveloping the neighborhood surrounding the former Charity Hospital.  The first two meetings brought out close to 300 participants over the past month.  These community workshops are a part of the collaborative public engagement process that Design Jones, LLC is leading for the strategic planning process.  Other efforts include stakeholder meetings as well as surveying residents, workforce, students, and commuters.  Design Jones, LLC has extensive experience facilitating authentic community engagement around development and most recently led the creation of the Master Plan for the Claiborne Corridor Innovation District, an area immediately adjacent to the proposed Spirit of Charity Innovation District.

WHO:              Greater New Orleans Foundation
                        Design Jones, LLC

WHAT:            Spirit of Charity Innovation District Citywide Community Workshop

WHEN:            Tuesday, August 28, 2018
                         6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

WHERE:         University Medical Center
                        Conference Center J
                        2000 Canal St.
                        New Orleans, LA

2018 July Tip of the Month featuring: EMPLOY

EMPLOY is a collective of over 40 diverse individuals representing over 25 organizations across the multiple systems, fields, and sectors that intersect with Opportunity Youth (youth ages 16-24 not connected to education or employment). We are a cross-sector collaborative working to decrease the number of disconnected youth in New Orleans by engaging them in quality education and employment pathways. We envision a community where all young people in New Orleans are able to realize their educational and employment potential.

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The Advocate Feature: World Environment Day

The last straw: Local organizations and activists join global effort to beat plastic pollution

Thirteen million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans each year, leading scientists to believe that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the water. But a local activist who isn’t even old enough to drive wants to crush those numbers.

During United Nations World Environment Day on June 5, New Orleans grade schooler Hrilina Ramrakhiani stood behind a podium in the Historic Carver Theater and addressed city officials, along with world leaders participating in the 2018 G-7 Summit in Canada who were taking part live video conferencing.

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Cuba EcoTour


Thanks to all fellow adventurers who joined us for the Cuba EcoTour. It was certainly a chance to get a fresh perspective on global issues whilst discovering a country that reminds us that today’s greatest challenges have no borders. 



United Nations – World Environment Day

On June 5th of 2018, the United Nations Environment Program, No Waste Nola and LifeCity hosted the U.S. flagship event for World Environment Day in the city of New Orleans. From the historic Carver Theatre to Zulu Hall, celebrities, prominent public officials and representatives from the city’s business community, celebrated their commitment to reduce plastic pollution.

The celebration included a traditional second line and massive support from the public who will ultimately hold pledging organizations accountable for their commitments. In such a way, the event celebrated New Orleans’ progress and commitment to tackle plastic pollution and serves as a reminder of the importance of the city’s participation in addressing current environmental challenges.

Amongst the highlights of the event, various organizations pledged to step up their efforts against single use plastic and added commitments to tailor their business practices in order to curb their current use of plastic. Some of these included:

  • The Audubon Nature Institute
    • The Audubon Nature Institute pledged to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics across their facilities and act as a leader in the region to reduce plastic pollution in an effort to ensure the health of oceans and waterways. This comes as a continuation of previous efforts that allowed the Institute to phase out plastic straws from its concessions and plastic bags from its gift shops – more than 200,000 individual pieces of single-use plastics since 2017. Furthermore, from here on, the Audubon Nature Institute pledged to expand their efforts to offer plastic bottle alternatives like aluminum canned water at their attractions and to feature during this summer a limited-time special exhibition comprised of powerful art to educate a global audience about plastic pollution trash. Considering the volume of visitors year round, through its commitment, The Audubon Institute is certainly solidified itself as a leader in New Orleans in the fight against plastic pollution.
  • New Orleans City Park
    • In the same way, New Orleans City Park’s pledge to eliminated plastic bags from all future event contracts and limit the offer of plastic straws to customers request promises a world of change in the City’s landscape given the importance of the Park as the goto nature escape in New Orleans. These efforts efforts will undoubtedly raise the bar and further establish New Orleans City Park as a hub for the city to bring together the community and continue to project the city as an environmental powerhouse in the Gulf.
  • Hosteling International USA
    • HI USA, the nation’s leading hostel brand added to their several award winning environmental initiatives (Green Globe, EPA Power Partner, and more) a pledge to not provide plastic bags, straws, or to-go containers in addition to offer reusable water bottles and water filling stations in place of selling bottled water in their new hostel to open in New Orleans by the end of the year. Considering that HI USA hosts more than 1 million overnights across more than 50 hostels each year and bring together travelers from more than 100 countries whilst engaging them in activities and programming in support of creating a more tolerant and sustainable world, the impact of this efforts will go beyond the borders of New Orleans and Louisiana and well into the global impact realm. And if this was not enough, the entire HI USA network pledged to completing a plastic-use survey to determine the volume of single-use plastic in their supply chain and work to set even more ambitious goals in the future.
  • Casa Borrega
    • Casa Borrega pledged to replace single use plastic straws with metal straws that will be sold to customers while Seed restaurant on Prytania Street pledged to continue offering recycled, biodegradable, and compostable “to-go” products, including straws. Given their recognition within the restaurant industry and their commitment to offer the best possible experience, these efforts are set to stick within their customers and multiply as best practices in the restaurant industry in the city.

Thus, more than a celebration of previous accomplishments, The United Nations World Environment Day celebration in New Orleans served to trace a path towards the future in which all players regardless of size and income must collaborate to augment the City’s impact and role in making the world a better place.

June Tip of the Month!

There is no doubt that the best nutrition comes from the freshest veggies. My favorite fact to tell folks is that when you harvest a Vegetable/Fruit from the Plant, it immediately begins to decompose, naturally. This is often one of those details we don’t think of when buying produce. Imagine the produce coming from out of state or even worse, outside of the country that could be over a week old. You’re buying that produce for it’s taste, not it’s nutritional value. Here are a couple ways you can up your Nutrition Game:

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