ANNOUNCING: Winners and Finalists of the 2015 Green Games Awards Gala

The winners of the fourth annual Green Games were announced Thursday night at the Green Games Awards Gala! Below is a complete list of the winners, finalists, and our selection committee who helped award Sustainability Excellence (for overall leadership as a sustainable organization) and Sustainability Acheivement (for vast improvements over the last year in operations).

Each of the companies below were selected as leaders in their fields, and the winners of the Sustainability Excellence and Achivement Awards recieved a plaque in recognition of their work. Additionally, the winners of Sustainability Excellence will also be awarded $500 to go toward sustainability improvements in the 2015-2016 year.

Thank you to our sponsors who made the evening possible: The Sheraton New Orleans, Shell Office of Real Estate, AMCREF Community Capital, Pure Water Technology, Dana Brown & Associates, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, the Eiffel Society, and 30/90 Management.

See all the photos from the Green Games Awards Gala here!

Tourism and Cultural Preservation

Sustainability Excellence: Downtown Development District

Sustainability Excellence: Downtown Development District

Selection Committee Member & Presenter: Cory Sparks, Director of the Louisiana Nonprofit Organization Association

Sustainability Excellence: Downtown Development District
Director: Kurt Weigle, Award Recipient: Anthony Carter (in photo)

The Downtown Development District of New Orleans (DDD) was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1974 as the nation’s first assessment-based business improvement district (BID) to provide enhanced services in economic development, cleaning and safety. Recently, the DDD launched a cigarette butt-recycling program and New Orleans is the first U.S. city to participate in a large-scale recycling effort launched in Canada last year. The organic materials, such as tobacco and paper, are composted and the Cigarette filters, though they look and feel like fiber, are shredded and bio-toxins are removed with the use of gamma radiation and resold as plastic pellets for industrial use. New Orleans will be paid $4 for each pound of cigarette waste collected.


Sustainability Achievement: Hotel Modern
General Manager, Jerry Reyes

The Hotel Modern New Orleans welcomes you. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with complimentary drinks in our lobby and escorted to your room just as if you were staying at a close friend’s guesthouse – there is no front desk or lengthy check in process. Our 135 comfortable rooms were designed in-house with a modern eclectic aesthetic that mirrors New Orleans’ juxtaposition of Old World charm with New World diversity. The Hotel Modern has implemented LED lighting, started growing their own herbs for their restaurant, began using green to-go products, and offers a green guest program.


Downtown Development District, Greater New Orleans, Inc., Hotel Modern, Latrobe’s on Royal, The Sheraton New Orleans

Schools and Public Entities

Sustainability Excellence: NO Charter Science and Math High School

Selection Committee Member Lead: Susan Guidry, City of New Orleans Councilwoman District A

Presenter: Liz Shephard, Chief Sustainability Officer, LifeCity

Sustainability Excellence: New Orleans Charter & Science High School
Award Recipient: Anthony Crim, Operations Director

New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School is an open-admission public charter school that prepares all students for college admissions and successful careers. Sci High replaced 200 plus fluorescent lights with LED light bulbs, installed solar panels, purchas green products for 90% of janitorial supplies, increased school wide recycling by 30% and recycles 70% of kitchen waste.



Sustainability Achievement: Rayne Memorial Methodist Church

Sustainability Achievement: Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church
Award Recipient: Courtney Stuckwisch
The Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church is a community of faith and love representing, celebrating, and embracing all God’s children as persons of sacred worth regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, culture, tradition, sexual orientation or gender identity, personal and family history, or station in life. In the full expression of the radically transforming and all-inclusive love of God as revealed through Jesus Christ, all are welcome! Rayne has a Caring for Creation Committee that has implemented composting and recycling at the Church. They also have installed a rain barrel, an edible garden, and created a proposal to build a green roof above their school. In addition, Rayne conducted an energy audit and upgraded their lighting to more efficient bulbs. All of these practices are also incorporated into sermons and educational opportunities at the Church that discuss climate change and the need to care for God’s creation.


Belle Chase Academy, Lycee Francais De La Nouvelle Orleans, New Orleans Charter & Science High School, New Orleans College Prep, Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

Food & Drink

Sustainability Achievement: Breads on Oak

Sustainability Achievement: Breads on Oak

Selection Committee Member Lead & Presenter: Sarah Peltier, Louisiana Restaurant Association

Sustainability Excellence:  Cafe Carmo
Owner, Beth Korn and Dana Honn

Café Carmo is a tropical cafe built upon the rich, multi-cultural culinary influences found throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, Gulf South and beyond. Café Carmo also implements a variety of sustainable practices from purchasing local organic produce and seafood to utilizing all biodegradable take out ware and cleaning supplies. Café Carmo utilizes green practices throughout all of its efforts, from building tables with reclaimed wood, to grease recycling and composting, they run a green operation. Furthermore, they donate on a regular basis to local causes and have several partnerships with local non-profits like the Gulf Restoration Network. All seafood is 100% sustainably sourced.

Sustainability Achievement: Breads on Oak
Owner: Chamain O’Mahony 

Breads on Oak bakes artisan breads and breakfast pastries in the European tradition as well as a full line of organic vegan muffins and sweets. They serve organic fair trade coffee and espresso too. Join them in house or for take out as they get back to the historic bread baking roots of New Orleans! Breads on Oaks this year placed solar panels over their garage and now their ovens utilize solar power. The restaurant also made great strides in buying more local organic produce and all paper products now are sustainably made.



3 Potato 4, Breads on Oak, Carmo, Seed, The Other Bar


Sustainability Excellence: NOLA Food Co-op

Sustainability Excellence: NOLA Food Co-op

Selection Committee Member Lead & Presenter: Ella Delio, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Sustainability Excellence: New Orleans Food Coop
Owner: Lori Burge
Award Recipient: AJ Hess

The mission of the New Orleans Food Co-op is to open and operate a community-owned grocery store that: provides access to healthy food at a fair price; is a center of community activity; promotes local and regional food production; keeps capital and jobs in our community; practices environmental responsibility and sustainability; and reflects our unique and diverse community. The New Orleans Food Coop added dental and vision insurance to staff benefits and also recycles, uses energy efficient lighting, and perhaps most importantly, offers fresh food in a local food desert.

Sustainability Achievement: Habitat for Humanity Restore


Sustainability Achievement: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

 Director: Wesley Griffin

The ReStore contributes to New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity’s mission of eliminating substandard housing in two ways: by providing the greater New Orleans area with an affordable source of home repair and maintenance supplies; and by providing a self-sustaining source of funding for the affiliate. The ReStore helps Habitat build homes! This year, Habitat for humanity Restore reduced lighting use by 25% by simply training staff to turn lights off. They also traded in their 1999 gas-guzzler to a more fuel-efficient 2013 box truck. In addition to this environmental impact, they employee benefits to 75% of all staff.


Habitat for Humanity Restore, New Orleans Food Co-op, Restoration Thrift, Tchoup Industries


Sustainability Excellence: NOLA Brewing

Sustainability Excellence: NOLA Brewing

Selection Committee Member Lead & Presenter: Ella Delio, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Sustainability Excellence: NOLA Brewing
Owner, Kirk Coco

NOLA Brewing produces a quality line of local beers in their Irish Channel facility. They emphasize sustainability in their business practices, including using cans rather than glass bottles in their packaged beers. “ The brewing industry has always been green,” according to Kirk Coco but he continues to leverage his impact through charitable beers, community donations, and sourcing products locally wherever possible.


Sustainability Achievement: Lighthouse Louisiana

Sustainability Achievement: Lighthouse Louisiana
Award Recipient: Erin McQuade Wright

Lighthouse Louisiana is a not for profit organization dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired community by providing quality products, services, and opportunities for independence.  In addition to a core, modern manufacturing operation that employs people with visual impairments, we offer a range of workforce development, independent living, and visual rehabilitation services. All Lighthouse products have post-consumer recycled content and they also carry some items that can be composted.


Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries, Lighthouse Louisiana, NATCO, NOLA Brewing

Building, Energy, & Environmental Services

Sustainability Excellence: Joule

Sustainability Excellence: Joule

Selection Committee Member: Miriam Belblidia, WaterWorks

Presenters: Grasshopper Mendoza & Steve Picou, NOLA Vibe

Sustainability Excellence: Joule Energy
Award Recipient: Alexandra Snedeker

Joule was founded on the principle that investing in solar energy can be as beneficial to the bottom line as it is to the environment. Our experienced team has collectively installed over 1 megawatt of solar panel systems in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, creating a substantial savings for homes and businesses. We are also proud to know that our work furthers development of renewable energy, encourages environmental awareness, and takes us one step closer to energy independence.

Sustainability Achievement: EarthPrime Inc.
Award Recipient: Sam Skydell & Justin Workmon


Sustainability Achievement: Earth Prime, Inc.

As a green technology and design company devoted to pioneering everyday solutions that are simple-to-use, beautiful, and affordable… Our goal is to not only improve the lives of our customers and communities, but to also help heal the earth and return it back to its prime.


EarthPrime, EcoUrban, GreenStar Roof Coatings, Hike for KaTREEna, Joule, Recirculating Farms

Health & Human Services


Sustainability Excellence: AMCREF Community Capital

Selection Committee Member & Presenter: Julia Stewart, Propeller

Sustainability Excellence: AMCREF Community Capital
President: Clifford Kenwood

AMCREF Community Capital, LLC provides a range of financial products and services to innovative, early-stage and high-growth companies. AMCREF is a mission-driven firm with an emphasis on community economic development and environmentally responsible investments. AMCREF only invests in companies with strong and significant environmental impacts in need of gap financing as they grow and create jobs in low-income communities around the country.


Sustainability Achievement: Living Wild & Precious Coaching

Do you love to laugh, but want to cry when you look at your calendar? End the overwhelm and come back to living your one wild and precious life. Embrace nature.  Stop postponing joy. You know what to do.  I’ll help you remember. “It’s been so exciting to witness our energy usage go down so significantly this past year as a result of green decisions like solar and insulation. I also love sharing my philosophy of living more lightly, conducting zero waste events, and eating locally – I love supporting my clients to be happier in ways that are also good for the planet, like taking peaceful walks in the wetlands.”


AMCREF Community Capital, Clear the Clutter, Living Wild and Precious Coaching, Project Lazarus, Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution

Innovation Award


Innovation Award: Joule

Presenter: Julia Stewart, Propeller

Winner: Joule Energy
Award Recipient: David Denny

Joule was founded on the principle that investing in solar energy can be as beneficial to the bottom line as it is to the environment. Our experienced team has collectively installed over 1 megawatt of solar panel systems in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, creating a substantial savings for homes and businesses. We are also proud to know that our work furthers development of renewable energy, encourages environmental awareness, and takes us one step closer to energy independence.

Joule won the innovation award for its community channel program that leverages local non-profits to promote solar and donates funds to local charities as a result.


Clear the Clutter, Joule, NOLA Brewing, Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church, Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution

People’s Choice Award


People’s Choice Award Winner: The Other Bar

Presenter: Meryl Dakin

Winner: The Other Bar
Owner: Michael Collins

The Other Bar opts for aluminum cans over glass bottles so they can then recycle the cans, an initiative truly unique to the New Orleans bar scene. They also use compostable to-go cups, bamboo stirrers, features gorgeous reclaimed wood throughout the space, non-new furniture, and the co-owner, Michael Collins, a sustainability expert in his own right, even uses lemons grown in his own backyard in the drinks! The Other Bar is also pursuing solar power, which will be up and running soon! Cheers to The Other Bar!