The LifeCity team currently works with 120 local businesses in helping them eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and most importantly, save money.  Over the past year, these organizations have achieved the following impacts: diverting over 1,000+ tons of waste from landfills (including putting 600 tons of oyster shells back on our coast), conserving 5M+ kWh of energy through efficiency and conservation improvements, conserving 2 tons of carbon through over 5,000 miles biked, installing 30,000 sq ft. of white roofs, planting 28,000 trees across New Orleans, and supporting more than 2,190 full time equivalent jobs across SE Louisiana that are producing more than $128.9M in annual revenue.

Liz Shephard, Chief Executive Officer

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Liz is trained as an energy rater, water policy analyst, LEED Green Associate, and facilitator. After graduating with honors and distinction at Carleton College, Elizabeth was hired by her college as an Environmental Studies Associate to serve as the school’s sustainability coordinator, where she also built connections to the city of New Orleans. Originally from the Gulf Coast, Elizabeth moved to Louisiana to teach Earth Science and worked in the environmental non-profit field for nearly 3 years. Daughter of two independent business owners and as a previous steering committee member of Social Entrepreneurs for New Orleans (now Propeller), Elizabeth is passionate about making business sustainable. She leads the Green Chamber of Commerce Green Committee and serves on event committees for greening the Superbowl, NCAA events, and other special conferences like the USGBC Green Build Conference.Recently, Elizabeth was chosen as one of the top 50 Business Women of the Year by CityBuisness, a local New Orleans newspaper.


Batoul Hakeem, Green Business Fellow

Batoul is a green chemist, environmentalist and researcher. She is interested in designing and  manufacturing green products and processes  that  reduce  the generation  and  use  of hazardous substances through the use of sustainable, resource-efficient and innovative design molecules, materials and processes; and has conceived and recently founded SAVVY ELEMENT, a green-lab concept that provides environmentally friendly chemical solutions, to lessen the use of toxic chemicals both from the products & their production process; as well as workshops aiming at creating a medium to raise environmental awareness.

Previously, Batoul has worked on several green research projects that focus on waste-to-energy processes, biomass and biogas, as well as green solvents. She is a Greenpeace volunteer, an advocate of sustainability and eco-development, and is fond of horseback riding, painting and writing.


Andrés Peña, Regional Sustainability Coordinator


As Regional Sustainability Coordinator, Andres is responsible for the organization’s Impact Measurement System and for Value Louisiana – LifeCity’s for-benefit development initiative. Born in Colombia, Andres came to New Orleans as a Tulane International Development graduate student and after living in the city for a year, becoming a father has made him ever more invested in its past, present and future.  With over 10 years of experience in managing projects and assisting young companies into operational and financial sustainability, Andres believes in New Orleans’ potential to become a hub development initiatives on a global scale.


Billy Lee, Impact Report Director

Billy Lee directs impact reporting for LifeCity, helping clients appreciate and communicate their social and environmental impact through visual storytelling and written reports. In his undergraduate studies at Tulane University, Billy focused on clean energy and environmental policy while exploring opportunities in New Orleans’ growing sustainable business space. During summers in his native Washington D.C., Billy completed policy internships at the Environmental & Energy Study Institute (EESI) and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), where he honed his analytical skills, developed content for influential think tanks and monitored Congressional hearings. Billy is a talented narrator, able to transform technical information and convoluted data into digestible reports for businesses and policymakers. A passionate yet pragmatic environmentalist, Billy is excited to support LifeCity as it innovates sustainable solutions for New Orleans and beyond.