LifeCity Memberships

LifeCity believes that change is only possible when people work together. As such, we participate in a number of working groups, membership organizations, etc. to support broad sustainability and collective impact in our region.

Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative was launched in September 2014 and concluded a six-month strategic planning process in 2015.  Our founders agreed on the need for an action-oriented entity to focus full-time on the implementation of water management best practices. They saw the potential for positive action by governments, institutions, businesses, neighborhoods and individuals. Our strategic plan calls for the collaborative to serve as an information clearinghouse for members, policy-makers and the community at large and to promote the greatest possible level of cooperation among all players, across all jurisdictions.

Propeller Growth Accelerator Alumni Network

Propeller is a 501c3 nonprofit that grows and supports entrepreneurs to tackle social and environmental disparities. We work to create a powerful community of diverse entrepreneurs and stakeholders working together for a more equitable future where everyone can lead healthy, fulfilling lives free of racism, poverty, and other systems of oppression.

Our strategy is to build a critical mass of small businesses and nonprofits working to tackle disparities in food, water, health, and education. These are areas we have identified as having significant inequities and proven market opportunities for local entrepreneurs to implement solutions.


When StayLocal began in 2001, our founders sought to encompass not just the popular “shop local” rhetoric but to capture something greater. Our organization’s name represents more than just shopping at a local boutique or bookstore. “StayLocal” is a call to action for consumers, businesses, organizations, and residents to steadfastly support our local economy and community.

StayLocal is devoted to raising the visibility and viability of locally-owned businesses because we believe they are the backbone of New Orleans’ culture, economy and character.

New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee

Vision: We envision a sustainable, culturally appropriate food system that enables all New Orleanians to live healthier, more resilient lives.

Mission: FPAC shapes public policy to improve equity, opportunity, and collaboration in our local food system. 

In 2017, The Tulane PRC received a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to work on increasing healthy eating opportunities for children and families through the FPAC. The grant will allow the Tulane PRC to assess the local food policy landscape, develop a 5-year strategic plan, and provide education around evidence-based, equitable and sustainable food policy. This will help FPAC identify and address the policy barriers that exist in the food system and craft a plan to build a stronger New Orleans food system through research, engagement, and education.


New Orleans EMPLOY Collaborative

The New Orleans EMPLOY Collaborative is a cross-sector collaborative working to decrease the number of disconnected youth in New Orleans by engaging them in quality education and employment pathways. We envision a community where all young people in New Orleans are able to realize their educational and employment potential.