LifeCity Partnership Program

We believe organizations and companies can have a greater impact than they realize on our social and environmental needs. Our partners are the tools for change in our community, and LifeCity is the toolbox. When you partner with LifeCity, you’re able to leverage and scale your impact to over 140 business members in New Orleans. You also grow the value of our membership, which in turn creates a greater customer base for your business. See below for FAQ’s on the partnership program, and contact Devin Callahan ( for further inquiry.

The Process

  • LifeCity assesses and certifies organizations who commit to social and environmental responsibility, while still making a profit
  • As a result of the assessment and membership, LifeCity produces a sustainability report for potential members, which highlights green service providers within the network and shows a cost-benefit analysis of the savings
  • LifeCity has over 130 members in the Greater New Orleans area and averages 6 new members per month
  • The LifeCity network is inclusive and has a wide variety of organizations – churches, schools, offices, composting plants, manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, medical practices, retail stores and more
  • We are constantly growing our green service providers to bring more value to our members

 Who can be a partner?

  • An organization outside of the region (and outside of our community-base)
  • This means the organization is not certified, but is a part of our network
  • Organizations who can both offer a service or product AND discount to members

Benefits of partnering with LifeCity

$300 set-up fee includes:

  • Impact Directory Listing with Certified Partner Logo
  • Member logo on website
  • Integration into assessment process and solutions report for potential members
  • Marketing and promotion to all LifeCity Members
  • Support and access to an on-the-ground partner who can help you navigate the marketplace from a distance

Referral fee negotiated after first two clients.

Contact Devin Callahan, Director of Growth, to discuss partnership opportunities:

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