Case Studies



Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries. Through the Premium Process, LCCI was able to get a discounted energy and lean assessment that helped them reduce water consumption and improve fuel efficiency, reducing costs and increasing revenues. This company is learning how to become a for-benefit through the development of pervious concrete, increasing purchasing from for-benefit companies, and enjoying the benefits of maximizing profits through social and environmental impact. Over $1 million in savings were discovered through our model.

Bart's Inc.


Bart’s Office Inc. Bart’s helps organizations save money during any office move by working with non-profit organizations to gather unwanted materials and re-sell them back into the economy.  Companies spend less money on trash and moving unwanted assets, and local non-profits create jobs and generate greater profits.




PlayNOLA. Through LifeCity’s basic membership services, my company saves over $ $1,300 annually through reduced purchasing costs that also are a greener alternative.  Now, we buy cups manufactured locally by Lighthouse for the Blind, we save money, and support our local economy.  We never would have realized this opportunity without the support of LifeCity who is improving our impact not just in our purchasing, but in our operations and brand.

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First Grace United Methodist Church


First Grace United Methodist Church. LifeCity helped our church save $1,500 annually by helping us increase our recycling.  Now we are recycling at all of our church services and even increasing our composting.  The most exciting part of this is not just the financial savings, but the new awareness that our community now shares about the importance of recycling for our environment and economy.



WWOZ. Through LifeCity’s premium membership, LifeCity saves over $1,000 annually on a new water filter system and has found $5,000 in potential savings through storage efficiency – not to mention implementing a culture of sustainability that honors the 90% of our customers who believe in socially and environmentally responsible business.  We are grateful to work with LifeCity to help preserve the environment and culture of New Orleans.