A Green Home Grows in Lakeview

Have you seen the cool new house in Lakeview?

We checked out an award-winning house designed by two Tulane University professors of architecture. The 1,1000-square-foot house rises up on Harrison Avenue with bright green walls with funky, modern cut-outs. It’s certainly different from the shotgun houses we’re used to, but maybe change isn’t so bad.

The REOSE Sunshower SSIP model can withstand extreme weather and hurricane-force winds, while using some of the latest carbon-neutral technologies. Most importantly, the house was built with easily obtainable, off-the-shelf materials that can fit into a single cargo container! The idea is to have a house in a “kit,” so that the same materials can be arranged elsewhere to make a home in a post-disaster area.

The modern house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, built with walls that can withstand winds of up to 225 mph, and an earthquake of up to an 8.6 magnitude. A section of the roof is optimized for 5 kW of solar panels, while the other part funnels water in a 1,000 Rainwater Pillow. The home also employs solar thermal, geothermal, a small wind turbine, and back-up batteries.

The total estimated construction cost is between $110,000 – $150,000.

We’re not sure if we’re crazy about the design. To make green architecture work, it has to fit the surroundings. BUT, this home is undeniably cool. And it’s necessary to have functional and affordable designs to withstand some of the crazy weather we get down here.

The SunShower SSIP house is certainly worth a field trip, and some true consideration. Who knows? In twenty years or so, we could all be living in pop-up kit homes.

For more information, click here.