2018 July Tip of the Month featuring: EMPLOY

EMPLOY is a collective of over 40 diverse individuals representing over 25 organizations across the multiple systems, fields, and sectors that intersect with Opportunity Youth (youth ages 16-24 not connected to education or employment). We are a cross-sector collaborative working to decrease the number of disconnected youth in New Orleans by engaging them in quality education and employment pathways. We envision a community where all young people in New Orleans are able to realize their educational and employment potential.

EMPLOY functions to coordinate and create systems and models that strengthen Opportunity Youth exposure to employment and career opportunities and through employer partnerships that function to amplify the likelihood of connection to such employment and career opportunities.

Partnerships with both national and local employers demonstrates the willingness and desire for employers to engage the community and address economic and employment disparages that plague and divide our communities. Supplemental to the work of engaging and partnering with employers, EMPLOY is comprised of various education and community stakeholders, community resource centers and career readiness training providers that serve as “the boots on the ground” engaging Opportunity Youth and the citizens in the community who are experiencing the unfortunate reality of the economic disparage in this city. These agencies are often the first touchpoint for Opportunity Youth and others outside of and not including the court and justice system.

As best as it can, EMPLOY operates to minimize and mitigate this economic disparage in a number of ways that in large part begin with getting employers to understand that there is such a disparage and there are things that they can do to positively impact it.  

Among many other things, EMPLOY has successfully engaged over 15 National and Local employers. EMPLOY has coordinated and facilitated the Pharmacy Technician Career Pathway with 2 successful cohorts. The Opportunity Youth in Cohort I have all received promotions according to the benchmarks designed in the Pathway Model, and they all begin coursework preparation for the (PTCB) Pharm-Tech Certification Exam in September 2018. EMPLOY has coordinated with Crescent City Inc. and the New Orleans Police Department to create a Law Enforcement Career Pathway scheduled to pilot in June 2018. EMPLOY has coordinated with Waffle House to included Opportunity Youth in its Manager Training Program allowing Opportunity Youth with little to no experience to undergo 3 months of Managerial Training then immediately transition to the Store Manager position. EMPLOY is coordinating with SYSCO to create a Marketing Associate Career Pathway Model requiring little to no experience beginning at the entry-level Warehouse Selector position, then transitioning to the Driver/Delivery position, and then transitioning to the Marketing Associate position. There are several other partnerships in development including but limited to the New Orleans Fire Department and Acadian Ambulance Services, that EMPLOY is engaging in as a focus of its work. EMPLOY is also in the process of composing an employer driven manager and supervisor training that focuses on the retention and in-house mentoring and promotion of Opportunity Youth.

Please visit our website: https://www.employcollaborative.org/