The Greentrepreneur: Crescent City Connections

Crescent City Connections (c3nola) is New Orleans’ first volunteer management organization. C3nola is a non-profit organization that customizes volunteer experiences for various businesses and groups by connecting them with fitting nonprofits, while integrating various team-building, networking and educational activities.
Founders Teddy Nathan & Zach Cheney have worked tirelessly to open up & expand possibilities for volunteer opportunities in New Orleans. They have gone above and beyond to make volunteer service fun, impactful for everyone involved, and most importantly, stress-free. We sat down with Zach & Teddy to hear about their organization and how they are working to promote a more sustainable New Orleans in the new year.

1. What are some of your proudest moments as an organization?

c3nola tries to improve every day and every month so we continue to try and out-do ourselves. In November, our proudest moment was winning the PitchNOLA! contest hosted by Propller and Tulane. In December, it was organizing a volunteer day for a conference of over 650 people. We are still waiting for our newest moment in January, but being featured here is a good start!

2. How does your organization go about improving your social and environmental impacts?

c3nola was created to sustain long-term social and environmental impacts. We create long-term connections with groups and nonprofits in New Orleans. Our greatest impact is creating and facilitating these connections, which then grow and produce greater impacts.

3. What partnerships have you formed in order to leverage sustainable impact as an organization?

c3nola, much like a bridge, connects the various business, hospitality, and education sectors with the nonprofit sector which requires a diverse set of partnerships. Our most important partnerships are with our community partners, the nonprofits, but aside from those we are proud to partner with organizations like the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, LifeCity, and Propeller.

4. If you had a magic wand to change one thing that would make it easier for your organization to go green, what would that thing be?

Re-usable water bottles at volunteer events! We go to a lot of volunteer events where the group will buy 1,000 plastic water bottles and then people misplace them or confuse them and take one sip and throw them away. This is not green. We hope to change this by providing customized c3nola water bottles at all of our volunteer events.

5. What advice would you give to other organizations or businesses who are trying to improve their internal practices to benefit their city and state?

The advice I would give is you’re only as strong as the community within which you operate — the more you can do to help your community, the more you are actually helping your business. c3nola’s motto is good work equals good business. It may be hard to see this in the short-term, but it’s certainly true in the long run.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell our community of Green Card members and Green Businesses?

2014 is a big year for c3nola as we are now officially open for business! We are encouraging as many groups and people to connect with a cause, organization and start taking action for your business and community. Crescent City Connections makes sure it’s done smart, efficiently and effectively. To learn more and sign up, please check out