10 LifeCity Members to Visit in August!

imageSummer is sadly coming to its final chapter. It’s not over yet though! With the help of these LifeCity Certified Green Businesses, you can take advantage of the final days of summer while being a supporter of sustainability in New Orleans. Be sure to show your Green Card at all of these businesses to receive discounts!

1. Bayou Kayaks

The skies have been blue and beautiful, but the heat has been taxing. Head out to Bayou St. John with Bayou Kayaks where there is always a nice breeze. Rent a kayak and enjoy an afternoon of exploration. You can even bring your dog along for the ride!


2. Beacoup Juice

There’s nothing like a sno-ball on a summer day, and Beacoup Juice is making some of the best sno-balls in town. Beacoup Juice is a gem on Freret Street. Not only is the shop a visual spectacle, but they are doing great things behind the scenes too, like composting. Take a walk down Freret Street with your sno-ball and visit some other LifeCity Green Certified Businesses in the neighborhood.


3. Joule Energy

Take advantage of the power of the summer sun through solar leasing with Joule Energy. It is exciting to see more and more solar panels going up throughout the city each day. You can be a part of the energy revolution with Joule. You’ll also receive three free months of solar leasing with your Green Card!

4. Feelgoodz Flip-Flopsfeelgoods

Have you already worn your flip-flops to the ground this summer? Pick up a new pair from Feelgoodz. Feelgoodz is a footwear company dedicated to sustainable sourcing, social responsibility and eco-consciousness. That’s right; an eco-conscious flip-flop.

062711_OutReach2_200_pbc5. Green Project

Take advantage of the free time you may have as things slow down in August. Spend a day doing some creative home improvement with the help of the Green Project. Need more storage? Try making some simple shelves with reclaimed wood. The Green Project has a huge selection of reclaimed wood, each piece having more character than the last.

6. The Bike Shopimages

Try riding your bike to save money on those high summer gas prices. The Bike Shop on Freret Street can help you with all your cycling needs. They are helping to reduce waste in New Orleans and make biking more affordable by providing a wide selection of used bikes as well as new bikes. Sick of your old beach cruiser? Swap it out for a faster road bike; new or used.

clear_the_clutter_logo_for_homepage7. Clear the Clutter

Maybe being outdoors isn’t the most appealing thing in this heat. If you are looking for a good indoor project, call up Clear the Clutter to help you organize your home before the fall comes and life speeds up again.

8. Pure Water Technologypure-water-logo-1

It’s important to stay hydrated in this summer heat. Ditch the bottled water and invest in Pure Water Technology’s green alternative water purification system. Pure Water Technology is helping to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles consumed in the region through a purification system that hooks up straight to your water line.

soil_image9. EcoUrban

Need some help making your yard beautiful this summer? EcoUrban can help with that. Not only do they offer expert landscaping, they are also providing innovative solutions to water drainage issues facing New Orleans with rain gardens, rain barrels, and rain cisterns. The rain has been holding out on us lately, so perhaps now is the time to invest in a rain barrel so that you can capture that bit of rain.

10. Creole PubCrawlHomepage Bike Image

Summer is about celebration! Get some friends together and join Creole PubCrawl by drinking and eating your way through this great city. Creole PubCrawl will soon be unveiling their “Big Easy Bike,” a twelve passenger bike powered moving bar. Now that’s New Orleans innovation!